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B2B End-to-End Automation

PunchOut2Go offers solutions for Post-PunchOut processes to electronically receive CXML, XML, EDI purchase orders (PO's). Electronically submit electronic Invoices.

End-to-End B2B Automation

Being able to accept PO's and submit Invoices electronically may be a requirement set forth by a buyer/customer and/or a procurement system and ultimately allow suppliers the ability to streamline the entire process.  If it is not a requirement, it is still certainly something to think about to streamline the transaction cycle and reduce errors & labor.

The procurement applications (Ariba, SciQuest, Coupa, SAP etc.) will offer various methods of both receiving purchase orders and invoicing that may include email, fax, CXML, XML, EDI, X12, portal, etc..

Basically, there is a 3-step process with PunchOut.

  • Step 1: PunchOut - PunchOut User is authenticated into the store from their procurement system, shops and transfers their shopping basket back to their procurement system.
  • Step 2: Purchase Order - When the order (requisition) gets approved by the customer and PO is sent to the supplier.
  • Step 3: Invoice - When the supplier has fulfilled the order, they will invoice based on the customers requirements.

It's important to know that there are generally no requirements around electronic PO or Invoice handling. Business objectives and Situations vary, each procurement system offers various ways of handling the PO and Invoice. Please feel free to contact us to learn more. We are here to help.

Electronic Purchase Order and Invoice Solutions for Magento®

While PO or Invoicing is not part of the PunchOut2Go PunchOut Catalog Extension, We offer these additional solutions to integrate electronic purchase order and e-Invoice handling within Magento for suppliers that may have more integrated Magento solutions.

For suppliers using Magento that want to automate these post-punchout processes, PunchOut2Go offers a Purchase Order extension for Magento which accepts CXML purchase orders into Magento and utilize Magento's conventions to deal with taxes, shipping, order validation, and more. We additionally provide an eInvoicing extension from Magento to the customer's procurement application. If you are interested in automating the PO and / or Invoice integrations with Magento, Please contact us for more information.

Purchase Order Handling

With email notifications as well as document mapping and real-time delivery. Solutions can be customized to feed or integrate to supplier ERP systems in particular formats from CSV, XML, EDI, etc. For custom PO2GO integrations, The PunchOut2Go Portal can be utilized to receive electronic PO's.

We alternatively offer alternative advanced partner provided solutions.

End-to-End B2B Automation for eProcurement

Integrating with a third party system can be expensive and time consuming. With EDI/B2B data integration, PunchOut2Go offers a broad range of functionality and features to make the exchange of B2B data easy, fast, and affordable. We support a wide variety of data formats and messaging protocols to help organizations of all sizes connect with each other. For businesses with proprietary needs, we have extensive experience creating custom integration packages that guarantee almost any supplier can reap the benefits of automated integration with customers and other partners.

PunchOut2Go offers two primary connectors:

  • Order-to-Invoice. Allows buyers and sellers to exchange orders, advanced ship notifications, acknowledgements and invoices automatically.
  • Price and Availability. Enables a seller’s customers to receive up to date pricing and inventory information directly from a supplier’s catalog.

As a cloud solution, there is no software to install, configure, maintain or support which leaves your internal IT team available to focus their time and resources on other strategic projects. Other benefits suppliers see, include:

  • Low cost, low risk move to state-of-the-art integration
  • Accelerate the ability to process more data, more accurately with less cost
  • Improve customer satisfaction by eliminating errors

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