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PunchOut Solutions

PunchOut Catalogs enable a company to sell online utilizing modern day e-commerce procurement solutions. If your company is able to respond rapidly to your customers' e-procurement initiatives, your company will be well positioned to become their preferred supplier and grow revenues in your accounts.

Preferred Suppliers

Buyers all have preferred suppliers. In order to maintain or become the preferred supplier to sell to Fortune 500 companies, government/state organizations, etc., you must be able to connect your products to the buyer's procurement system (such as Ariba, Jaggaer- formerly SciQuest, Coupa, SAP, Unimarket, Oracle, PeopleSoft Punchout, Oracle Punchout, TBlox, Perfect Commerce, etc.) for e-procurement (B2B+ Commerce).


With PunchOut Catalogs, your catalog content and products are readily, easily accessible from within your customers' procurement application. PunchOut catalogs allow your customers to purchase online while maintaining their connection with their procurement system as well as automation of the order to invoice processes.

Your Questions Answered!

What is a PunchOut catalog? Why is PunchOut so important to buyers? Find your answers in our FAQs.

End-to-End B2B Automation

PunchOut2Go offers solutions for post-PunchOut processes to electronically receive CXML, XML, EDI purchase orders (POs). Electronically submit electronic invoices.

PunchOut Catalogs for Suppliers

PunchOut2Go connects the dots between suppliers and their respective buyers to enable B2B e-commerce.

Solutions, Solutions, Solutions!

We have provided a myriad of PunchOut enablement solutions (cXML, OCI, XML, XCBL) for suppliers with the most robust and cost effective solutions in the procurement industry.

What customers and partners are saying...

Connecting to any Procurement System

"PunchOut2Go makes it easy for our customers to do business with Roche. Their punchout solution and integration capabilities allow us to connect to any customer with any eProcurement system, at any time. Our customers can easily shop and order Roche products at their contracted prices when they need to - improving their productivity and the way we do business together."

Marketing Manager, Channels, of Roche Diagnostics

Ease of integration is key!

"One of the reasons that AD chose PunchOut2Go as a strategic partner is because their solution is really platform agnostic. AD members utilize all different types of web store solutions and different technologies. They want a PunchOut solution that's affordable and that allows them to get up and running very quickly with a simplified integration. They want to be able to use whatever eCommerce platform they’re working with today, or whatever they adopt in the future."

Kevin Druecker

Director or AD eCommerce Solutions

Distributors see PunchOut2Go as a competitive advantage

"PunchOut2Go came into the market and said, "We will handle all of your PunchOuts and EDI Connections for you, hand them over to us. We will enable you to transact with any of your customers- big and small- it doesn't matter.” I think it's a huge value proposition. There's a ton of benefit."

Justin King

President, B2X Partners, eCommerce Advisor for Manufacturers and Distributors

Continuity, Knowledge & Experience

"We did a vendor selection project and PunchOut2Go was a clear winner from both a cost savings & efficiency standpoint because their plugin module allowed us to use our Magento web store, the store that we're already maintaining everyday. What's also amazing is that we're upgrading to Magento 2, the latest and greatest Magento platform, and PunchOut2Go can come with us."

Jessica Wetzel

eCommerce Manager, School Health Corporation

If you're going to do PunchOut, you're going to do PunchOut with PunchOut2Go

"There isn't a single commerce vendor out there who can really tap into that entire eProcurement ecosystem on their own. It requires a valued and trusted partner like PunchOut2Go to really extend and amplify our value to the market. When it needs to go through a purchasing platform, we have an easy answer. The answer is always, “Yes, we do support it,” and we're able to say that thanks to our partnership with PunchOut2Go."

John Bruno

VP of Product Management, Elastic Path, Industry Expert

Easy for us to expand!

"Over the last two years, 1WorldSync has seen increased demand for PunchOut connections to our resellers’ hosted eCommerce storefronts. Offering affordable pricing, quick setup times, and access to a support portal to manage connections, PunchOut2Go has made it easy for us to expand this business. Additionally, their team is customer-driven and dedicated to ensuring each connection meets user expectations."

1WorldSync, Inc.

Director of Web Services

Did you know?

Your company can count on PunchOut2Go to efficiently integrate with your customer. Think of us as your in-house e-procurement experts.

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