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Shawn McKnight, CTO and Co-Founder

PunchOut2Go Co-Founder Shawn McKnight currently serves as PunchOut2Go’s Chief Technology Officer. In this executive leadership role, he is responsible for evolving PunchOut2Go’s core technical strategy to meet current and future business needs, developing and executing the company’s technology roadmap. 

Shawn brings technical savvy, abstract and relationship thinking, and application development experience to PunchOut2Go. He pairs deep operational expertise with the ability to motivate others and treat every problem as an opportunity. Applying his business acumen and strategic decision-making, Shawn fosters a client-centric, accountable environment. His passion lies in mentoring and educating the PunchOut2Go team, enabling them to create long-term value for customers.

His former roles include 14 years of application and web development. Shawn finds work gratification in solving problems and helping others achieve their goals.

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