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4 Reasons B2B Merchants Consider Magento for B2B eCommerce

Magento is a powerful eCommerce application that includes numerous features designed to improve the experience of B2B buyers and sellers.

consider_magento.jpgWe have worked with Magento for over a decade, supporting eCommerce retailers in over 40 countries to integrate their Magento store with any eProcurement platform. We have helped integrate Magento with over 150 different eProcurement, ERP, and spend management platforms.

One of the highlights of our relationship with Magento happened earlier this year when we released a pair of brand new Magento extensions for Magento 1 and Magento 2 on the Magento Marketplace. The new extensions provide robust punchout catalog integration between Magento and any of the hundreds of eProcurement platforms supported by the PunchOut2Go Gateway.

We showcased the new extensions at this year’s Magento Imagine conference at the Wynn Resort in Las Vegas, and they were greeted with enthusiasm by the many Magento B2B sellers and Magento Partners that we spoke with.

While at the conference, we also attended the Magento Imagine Partner Summit, and we were thrilled to discover that PunchOut2Go was mentioned as the most popular general partner extension on the Magento Marketplace.

PunchOut2Go supports dozens of eCommerce applications, and we’re fans of every one. Many B2B merchants choose Magento for building their B2B commerce store - let’s take a look at some reasons why.

Magento is Simply a Great eCommerce Application

B2B and B2C eCommerce are different in many ways, but all eCommerce stores need a basic set of features to accommodate both. Magento is a time-tested and thoughtfully developed application packed with features that any eCommerce seller will find useful. Magento has it all: a flexible catalog system, a large and well-supported extension ecosystem, beautiful responsive themes, an incredible community, exceptional performance, and excellent support for modern omnichannel eCommerce.

Business-Focused Purchasing Options

Magento includes an array of features that make it easier for business buyers to buy efficiently and conveniently, including SKU ordering, order uploads from CSV files, requisition lists, and more. Magento Commerce also provides such B2B essentials as tools for managing price negotiations and quotes.

Custom Catalogs

Personalization is key to a successful B2B eCommerce store. Sellers need to be able to tailor catalogs, payment options, and promotions to individual buyers and groups of buyers. Magento includes a rich set of custom catalog features, which, of course, work brilliantly when integrated as punchout catalogs into buyer eProcurement platforms via the PunchOut2Go Magento extension.

Shaped by B2C eCommerce

When it comes to user experience, B2B eCommerce has many lessons to learn from the B2C world. In 2018,  nearly 50% of B2B purchasing decisions involved Millennials who are accustomed  to slick user interfaces and compelling shopping experiences. They judge B2B sellers by the same standards. Magento has long been a leading B2C eCommerce application, so many of the user experience lessons learned over the last decade are baked in. With Magento, it’s easy to build an elegant and intuitive shopping experience.

To find out more about how PunchOut2Go can help you integrate your Magento store with any buyer eProcurement, ERP, or spend management platform for punchout catalogs and purchase order automation, contact us via live chat, or fill out the form on this page.

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