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Ariba Live 2017 Recap: #MakeProcurementAwesome, PunchOut2Go is making it awesome daily!

PunchOut2Go contributes to helping SAP Ariba make procurement awesome by helping Suppliers facilitate upwards of $10 Billion in purchases across the SAP Ariba Network.

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Ariba Live 2017 Recap: #MakeProcurementAwesome, PunchOut2Go is making it awesome daily!

Mar 30, 2017

In 2012, PunchOut2Go co-founders, Brady Behrman and Shawn McKnight, attended their first Ariba Live conference after helping a small hardware company in Virginia integrate a punchout catalog with the State of Virginia’s Ariba spend management system, eVA, and formerly launched PunchOut2Go.

Fast forward to 2017, PunchOut2Go’s cloud based technology now supports hundreds of suppliers to facilitate upwards of $10 Billion in purchases across the SAP Ariba Network! Over this six year period, PunchOut2Go has witnessed the rapid growth of the B2B market, with more buying organizations adopting eProcurement spend management software, such as SAP Ariba, to gain visibility into their organizational wide spend and selling organizations meeting the needs of their customers and protecting their business by providing PunchOut Catalogs to make it easy for their eProcurement customers to purchase from them.

“The growth across the entire eProcurement vertical is attributed to Buying organizations needing to do more with less, tightly integrating with their preferred vendors which creates a win-win for Buyers, sellers and solution providers alike such as SAP Ariba” says Brady Behrman, PunchOut2Go CEO, “The enhanced framework of eProcurement platforms opens up incredible opportunities for sellers to increase sales and for buyers to reign in off-contract spend and spend appropriately with preferred vendors”

For the sixth consecutive year, PunchOut2Go participated in one of the largest business commerce conferences in the industry, SAP Ariba Live 2017 and had the pleasure of networking with procurement leaders, suppliers and PunchOut2Go customers from around the world  utilizing SAP Ariba solutions.

The theme for SAP Ariba Live 2017 was #Makeprocurementawesome. Alex Atzberger, President of SAP Ariba, kicked off the conference with his keynote session where he discussed the building blocks to making procurement awesome, innovation and how SAP Ariba adoption has increased over the past year with three million new users and 496 new go-lives.

With the SAP Ariba growth, PunchOut2Go saw 49% growth in new integrations from 2015 to 2016 on the SAP Ariba network. Take a look at A Year in Review - 2016 eProcurement System Integrations.

The general sessions over the course of the two day conference also included Chief Procurement Office at Johnson & Johnson sharing his experience with implementing SAP Ariba solutions and how it has transformed their business, SAP Ariba executives showcasing new solutions such as Guided Buying, smart micro apps and the power of the platform and CEO of SAP, Bill McDermott, sitting down with Alex Atzberger sharing success stories and leadership lessons.

The conference provided a wide variety of breakout sessions tailored for Buyers, SAP Ariba Customers, Thought Leadership and Sellers. For Sellers attending the SAP Ariba Live conference, this was a great opportunity to learn from best in class Suppliers that have successfully integrated with their customers on the SAP Ariba Network and are growing their sales through the eProcurement channel. The PunchOut2Go team attended many breakout sessions over the course of the two days which provided insightful knowledge into current challenges, the digital market and best practices.

One session that stood out to the PunchOut2Go team was “Best Practices in Catalog Strategies”, which featured a panel of leading suppliers from B&H Photo, Millipore Sigma and Insight, who discussed their catalog strategies and preferences for hosted CIF versus punchout catalogs. The panel did an excellent job of explaining the benefits of each type of catalog from not only the Sellers perspective, but also from the buyers. As we heard from the panel and have seen at PunchOut2Go, the use of PunchOut Catalogs continues to grow among Suppliers and Buyers as the preferred catalog method as it provides a better end user experience and drives exposure of the product offering. PunchOut2Go CEO jumped in to contribute and elaborate upon Level 2 PunchOut, helping Buyers organize Level 2 and hosted catalog content. To view the complete presentation from this insightful breakout session, click here.

The PunchOut2Go team had a great time at SAP AribaLive 2017 collaborating, networking and learning from people who make procurement awesome!

Join us! Next up is Coupa Inspire 2017 followed up by Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition 2017. Hope to see you on the road.

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