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Ariba Punchout to Maximize Efficiency & Sales

Ariba PunchOut provides your company a low-cost, easy way to provide your Ariba buyers with customized content, personalized shopping experiences, and timely content updates.

Ariba Punchout to Maximize Efficiency & Sales

Nov 21, 2012


As a supplier on the Ariba Supplier Network looking to provide punchout to your buyers, you are able to:

  • Set Up a Touch-free Solution – Extend the product and service content that you have on your B2B e-commerce website to instantly update buyer catalog content.
  • Personalize Shopping Experiences – Present your products and services the way you want buyers to see them -- with photos, co-branding, customized promotions, recommended accessories and services, pre-negotiated pricing, and more.
  • Optimize Merchandising Strategies – Leverage your merchandising teams' expertise to boost up-sells, cross-sells, and order sizes.
  • Increase Order Accuracy – Because PunchOut catalogs ensure that your customers always order using your latest content, orders are delivered to you with greater accuracy.
  • Receive and Respond to Orders Faster – By offering customers one-click shopping, you can receive orders faster and respond to them faster, which increases customer satisfaction.
  • Perform Thorough Catalog Testing – Before your PunchOut catalog content goes live, you can perform buyer specific, closed-loop PunchOut testing to ensure a seamless, tailored customer experience.

ariba.jpg Source: Ariba Punchout

Ariba Supplier Network

The Ariba Supplier Network Portal offers suppliers the ability to easily integrate punchout. PunchOut2Go offers several models to enable punchout.

Punchout for Magento Commerce

PunchOut2Go provides the only plug and play extension in the world that gives suppliers the ability to seamlessly transform their Magento e-Commerce build into a Punchout Catalog. Learn more

PunchOut2Go Gateway Implementation

For companies that have a custom e-commerce solution or other ecommerce platform that needs to be able to integrate punchout, PunchOut2Go offers an easy to integrate gateway solution. Learn more

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