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AribaLive Recap (Roundtrip from Virginia to Vegas)

Discover Procurement. Connect with Procurement Professionals. Collaborate to learn and offer a better solution @ Ariba Live 2012 - Las Vegas - Yes we did!

AribaLive Recap (Roundtrip from Virginia to Vegas)

Apr 19, 2012

Discover Procurement. Connect with Procurement Professionals. Collaborate to learn and offer a better solution @ Ariba Live 2012 - Las Vegas - Yes we did!ariba-live-2012-po2go.jpg

The PunchOut2Go, Punchout Catalog Gurus, departed from Norfolk, Virginia en-route to Las Vegas, Nevada Tuesday April 10 for Ariba LIVE. We arrived in Vegas around 7pm and dropped our bags at the room and immediately headed over to Caesars Palace for the Ariba Live pool-side reception. One word, WOW. We met and mingled with countless buyers and suppliers and we were welcomed and engaged in discussions around punchout and procurement.

Following the pool-side reception, we headed over to Harrah’s to donate $100 on the slots but tucked in early to get ready for the 7am Breakfast at Ariba Live.

Wednesday Morning, April 11, we were up and about and headed over to AribaLIVE conference. Words can't explain how we felt when we arrived. The Ariba Team sure knows how to put on a show.

We indulged in the large breakfast spread provided by Ariba, took a seat with several buyers from all over the world. Again, we were well received and they loved our motivation and solutions. We engaged the Buyers and inquired as to what types of issues or obstacles they face with suppliers who have punchout or need to indeed establish punchout. For suppliers new to punchout, the answers were relatively simple: Time & Resources. For the suppliers who did indeed have punchout established, issues faced by buyers were the inability to have the supplier provide a customized experience for their punchout purchasing as well as the time to deliver punchout. Some suppliers have been "working on" their punchout catalogs for a year, plus. Buyers appreciated that we could deploy customized punchout catalog solutions for suppliers in 30 days or less and in some situations, less than an hour.

Then it was off to the Keynote at the Coliseum at Caesars Palace. Ariba kicked off the key note with iLuminate - words can't describe the feeling in the Coliseum of excitement and fun. The keynote got underway and was viewed live around the globe and by the thousands in attendance. Several great stories were shared around Ariba & Procurement as a whole. Some of our favorite quotes were "Opportunity to collaborative know-how, tools, and connections you need to buy smarter, sell faster, and manage your cash better" , "Engage the networked economy" #AribaLIVE "optimize your companies commerce path" . Watch the Ariba Keynote here.

After the Keynote, we walked the walk and talked the talk with buyers, suppliers and solution providers in attendance at the conference. We learned a lot, not only for punchout but for procurement in general.

Our CEO, Brady Behrman and COO, Shawn McKnight then broke apart to engage and get in on breakout sessions where we learned more about the entire procurement mechanism from suppliers to buyers to marketing and beyond. Breakout Sessions included SEM Session with DMScott, Smarter Supplier Management, Future of Contract Management, Beyond the SKU and more. The diversity of sessions undoubtedly kept us engaged and learning more about procurement as a whole.

To end the Day at AribaLive, we headed to PURE Night club where drinks were flowing and conversations became a bit more fun - In true Vegas Style!   

We want to personally thank everyone at Ariba and also thank each and every buyer, supplier & solution provider for giving us their time, insight and suggestions.

We are ready for Ariba Live 2013 in Washington DC! Follow Ariba on Twitter, AribaLive & PunchOut2Go

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