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B2B Business Clinic Webinar Recap

PunchOut2Go joins BigCommerce and other eCommerce experts to discuss the technology and best practices for successfully expanding from B2C to B2B.

BCWEB_blogimage.pngAs U.S. and global markets continue to adjust to changing work conditions, shifting supply chains, and our new shared reality, B2B eCommerce has continued to grow. Many traditionally B2C businesses are beginning to seize this massive opportunity by expanding into the B2B space. 

While B2C and B2B eCommerce may look similar on the surface, B2B is a completely different animal with customer specific requirements like contracted products and pricing to start. Some B2C businesses are able to utilize and adapt their current eCommerce technology for B2B, while others are required to adopt a new platform altogether.

Earlier this month, Troy Lynch, Chief Strategy Officer at PunchOut2Go joined BigCommerce and other B2B experts and solution providers to help prepare businesses for the transition to B2B. This was BigCommerce’s inaugural B2B Business Clinic webinar and PunchOut2Go was delighted to sponsor and participate. Topics included B2B pricing, eQuoting, eProcurement integrations, setting up your back-end systems, shipping logistics and more.

Webinar Recap

The webinar opened with an introduction by Chelsea Ciardelli, Senior Business Development Manager, BigCommerce, who went through a B2B checklist of important things you need to know to grow your B2B business. Then we took a look at a variety of common B2B issues and the technology solutions that solve them:

  • Ayden spoke about providing price lists, bulk discounts, and flexible payment terms for B2B buyers
  • Quoting was the next topic, with Quote Ninja speaking about providing digital quotes to grow in the B2B space. Skynamo then dove deeper into quoting with their solution for field sales and quoting, which gives people on the road the ability to transact electronically
  • Account management was the next topic, where BundleB2B showed off convenient self-service account management tools
  • Troy Lynch of PunchOut2Go spoke about the importance eProcurement integrations and the business value created by supporting the way B2B buyers prefer to buy, which for larger B2B buyers is often via PunchOut catalogs
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) was the next big topic with Acumatica running through best practices for setting up your back office. Systum followed up with inventory management and setting up a B2B portal.
  • Salsify then showed of their Product Information Management (PIM) solution which helps brands win on the digital shelf
  • ShipperHQ spoke about their shipping experience management platform that helps B2B businesses stay on schedule and deliver on expectations
  • Logicbroker discussed how their drop ship technology helps monitor and maintain eCommerce supply chains
  • Klevu then ended the discussion with a look at their innovative AI-powered smart search that can empower your eCommerce store

Watch the full webinar for more information on all of these innovative technology solutions that can help set you up for B2B eCommerce success. For more information on how PunchOut2Go can make your business more attractive to the big B2B buyers you are seeking, fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch shortly.

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