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B2B eCommerce Discussion with PunchOut2Go and DCKap

eProcurement integration and B2B expert Brady Behrman joins B2B technology specialists, merchants, and sales professionals to talk about building outstanding B2B eCommerce experiences.

Through the first half of 2020, we have seen increased interest in eCommerce from B2B manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers dealing with changing markets, work conditions, and supply chains. At the same time, B2B buyers are adopting eProcurement and seeking a path to integration with supplier eCommerce stores. EProcurement is the fastest growing digital sales channel, as we discussed in our recent research report: ‌Key Findings From The 2020 U.S. B2B eCommerce Market.

Earlier this month, PunchOut2Go CEO Brady Behrman joined eCommerce professionals from across the industry to talk about B2B eCommerce, eProcurement integrations, and the story of PunchOut2Go customer Moody Price. DCKAP CEO and Founder Karthik Chidambaram hosted the discussion, which also included Miguel Balparda of Magento hosting provider Nexcess; Alex Deckard, DCKAP’s Director of Design; Alec Daniel, Digital Marketing Designer at Moody Price; and Kendall Ducote, Vice President Technology at Moody Price, a leading supplier of instrumentation, filtration, and high-pressure products.

Key Insights from the Video

Brady Behrman discussed the importance of strategic partner and solution alignment and eProcurement integration and automation to the B2B eCommerce experience: “The eProcurement market is massive. Over 50 percent of organizations globally leverage eProcurement systems such as Coupa, Jaggaer, SAP, and Oracle PeopleSoft. These organizations need to transact with vendors through procurement technologies, and integration for features like PunchOut catalogs is a long and daunting project if they go it alone. PunchOut2Go is agnostic to eCommerce and eProcurement platforms. We fill the gaps between buyer and seller platforms, partnering with companies like DCKAP to help businesses like Moody Price, which built its eCommerce platform on Magento, to leverage the eCommerce infrastructure of their choosing while providing an integrated and streamlined experience to buyers.”

Moody Price’s eCommerce buyers want to connect the company’s Magento eCommerce store  to their eProcurement platform, enabling PunchOut catalogs and other procurement process automations.  The PunchOut2Go integration platform connects  with Magento via an extension, and, once connected, the Magento store can exchange data with any buyer eProcurement or ERP platform, allowing Moody Price and DCKAP to offer PunchOut catalogs and purchase order automation to any buyer who requests it, without expensive custom integration projects. 

Kendall Ducote, Vice President Technology at Moody Price, talks about his company’s changing sales experience during the coronavirus pandemic: “Outside sales representatives are our primary marketing channel. With all the distancing measures that were in place, we had to shift to virtual meetings with our customers. The product information and sales features of our website and Magento store became key tools for our sales staff, whereas previously they’d have relied on their interpersonal skills.”

Alec Daniel, Digital Marketing Director at Moody Price, reinforced that message: “One of our focuses has been moving smaller accounts onto our Magento eCommerce platform to take the load off of our sales team. We asked them to create web accounts so that they could make purchases through the website.”

Alex Deckard, Director of Design at DCKAP, emphasized the importance of creating a low-effort procurement experience for B2B buyers: “Customers are up to 94 percent more likely to repurchase a product that yielded a low-effort experience. A low-effort experience is one in which the customer doesn’t have to think too much about the customer journey; it doesn’t place an excessive cognitive load on them. The eCommerce platform does what the customer expects it to, and the customer can be confident in their expectations.”

Watch the full panel discussion to learn more about building a low-effort, integrated B2B procurement experience on the web. To connect with our team, simply fill out the form below and we'll be in touch shortly.

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