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The Best eProcurement Training Resources in 2021

Level-up your eProcurement and supply chain management skills with our pick of the best free eProcurement training courses and educational resources.

4-28_Blog.jpgIn the last few years, eProcurement has taken center stage as businesses seek to digitize, streamline, and increase the cost-efficiency of procurement processes. Businesses of all sizes are moving away from old-fashioned manual workflows. In their place, they are adopting modern SaaS eProcurement systems that hold the promise of considerable cost-savings, both by automating time-consuming procurement workflows and increasing visibility into procurement data.

If you work in procurement or oversee procurement and supply chain management for your company, you need to know about eProcurement, how it’s used, and why it has become so popular. 

In this blog post, we’re going to explore some of eProcurement’s benefits before pointing you in the direction of learning and training resources that will help you get to grips with modern procurement technology.

What are the Advantages of eProcurement?

If you are responsible for procurement in a business that relies on traditional document-based procurement, you might be wondering what all the fuss is about. Is the enthusiasm for eProcurement just one more hype bubble that’s about to burst? After all, you’ve been getting along fine with PDF documents and long-standing relationships with your supplier’s salespeople. 

Do you need to learn about eProcurement at all? 

We’ve covered the benefits of eProcurement in several posts on this blog, including Get Back to Business with Automated EProcurement,  as well as our eProcurement case studies.  But, to summarize,

  • eProcurement helps businesses to take control of their procurement processes. It provides customizable workflows that conform to procurement policies and best practices.
  • eProcurement centralizes procurement data on a single platform, giving businesses increased insight into their spending and supply chain. 
  • eProcurement helps businesses to reduce rogue spending and cut the cost of procurement. 
  • eProcurement systems empower businesses to automate data exchange and procurement workflows, both within their organization and with suppliers via PunchOut catalogs, purchase order automation, and more. 

If you don’t learn about eProcurement and related technologies, you risk being left behind as company’s throughout your industry digitize procurement and supply chain management. 

How Can I Learn eProcurement?

The best way to learn eProcurement is to familiarize yourself with the basics of eProcurement systems and how they are being used by companies with mature digitization strategies.

  • eProcurement 101 for B2B Suppliers is a PunchOut2Go-authored ebook that offers a comprehensive introduction to the B2B eProcurement market, eProcurement system features, and the value of leveraging eProcurement for supplier integration. 
  • Enhance Business Value through B2B Integrations with PunchOut2Go explores the benefits of eProcurement integration in greater depth, focusing on the order to invoice automation, the PunchOut process, and how integration reduces procurements cost and complexity. 
  • Why the Future of eProcurement is Happening Now is a webinar that brings together business leaders from eCommerce, eProcurement, and B2B integration to discuss how and why eProcurement has become a critical sales channel and a vital component in B2B digital sales. 

These resources are valuable because, in addition to explaining the basics of eProcurement, they situate it in the context of B2B business’s relationships with buyers and suppliers. 

eProcurement Training Courses and Educational Resources

The best eProcurement training resources are created by leading eProcurement providers. Although they are platform-specific, they give prospective eProcurement users a broad overview of the benefits and capabilities of eProcurement platforms. 

  • SAP Ariba’s Best Practice Center Webinar Library and Resources for Digital Transformation offer a wealth of white papers, webinars, demonstrations, and case studies to help procurement professionals gain a broad understanding of eProcurement and how it used in numerous industries. 
  • The Coupa Success Portal includes both documentation for the Coupa platform and the Coupa eLearning Portal, which offers a range of training modules, videos, and eLearning courses. 
  • Jaggaer University offers a wide variety of training courses that cover many aspects of procurement and eProcurement, including structured online classes with clearly defined learning pathways that lead to certification under the Jaggaer Certification Program. 

As ever more businesses seek to digitize procurement, they will need professionals trained in a wide range of digital procurement technologies, including eProcurement, supplier management, and inventory management. 

In 2021, learning about eProcurement could give your procurement and supply chain management career a significant boost. If you’d like to speak with our experts about the value eProcurement integrations can provide, please fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch shortly.

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