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The Commonwealth Of Virginia: 3 Great Ways Vendors Can Improve Sales

PunchOut2Go was back on the road again! This time we visited Hampton, Virginia for the Leveraging the Power of Procurement 2014 show at the Hampton Roads Convention Center and came away with three great tips vendors should know in order to improve sales with the state of Virginia.

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The Commonwealth Of Virginia: 3 Great Ways Vendors Can Improve Sales

Dec 01, 2014

We learned about the best practices when using eVA, the electronic marketplace tightly integrated with Ariba, used by state agencies to purchase goods and services. According to experts at the show, Virginia is on the forefront of leveraging technology to streamline procurement. The Commonwealth of Virginia is looking for vendors who know how use eVA (Ariba) properly to communicate with them and have a high level of organization and professionalism.

Tip One: Virginia and other state governments are looking for more than a low price when they choose vendors. They are aiming to build long term relationships with vendors who can provide service, as well as value and do business the way they need to which is electronically from eProcurement processes. So don’t think it’s all just a price war!

Tip Two: Vendors should use preventative contract pricing for products not necessarily in the original contract. Buyers may want to expand the range of products they need from a vendor. Make sure your have accurate prices for as many products as possible. Think beyond the scope of the contract and anticipate what else a buyer might need in the future.

Tip Three: Vendors need to create pricing schedules that are clear and accurate. Vendors should understand their life cycle cost considerations. Know your fixed costs for equipment, repetitive monthly costs, maintenance versus your variable costs, such as parts, supplies, and training.

Do you want to win the business of government buyers? Then you will need more than just being the lowest bidder.

You only get one chance to make good first impression! Adding Punchout to your eCommerce sales strategies can make you stand out from your competitors and win more business from state and local governments.  As more states follow Virginia’s lead with a focus on quality procurement practices, you need the right software to get your business ready for  stable and consistent services with online purchases.

At PunchOut2Go, we have the experience and software to prepare you for the future of eProcurement. We specialize in helping businesses of all sizes utilize the power of punchout & B2B eCommerce integrations for smooth online transactions. State and local governments are on the lookout for partners that can fulfill their needs quickly. PunchOut makes it easy to buy what they need and get approvals quickly to track purchases and control costs.

PunchOut2Go can show you how to modify your website to ensure your customers get the best experience and smooth transactions that will win their trust and want to expand the amount of business they do with you. Working with an experienced partner can take your online business in directions you never thought possible. Are you ready? Request a Demonstration and Consultation for your eProcurement initiatives.

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