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Coupa and Coupa Inspire: Getting Bigger and Better Every Year

Coupa continues to grow ever more popular among Procurement and Spend Management professionals all over the world. Here’s a quick look at some of the reasons behind that success, along with a few team takeaways from our trip to Coupa Inspire 2017.

Every day, PunchOut2Go encounters more and more suppliers in need of integrating PunchOut Catalog and B2B order automation functionality with Coupa technology and buying organizations that are struggling with getting Suppliers on-boarded to their Coupa Procurement system. Thankfully, PunchOut2Go has been working hand-in-hand with Coupa for years and has in depth expertise with its functionality and technology, transacting over $1 billion dollars through the Coupa Procurement Software System across 16 different currencies.

Coupa and Coupa Inspire: Getting Bigger and Better Every Year

Jul 11, 2017

What is Coupa?

When Coupa was founded in 2006, it was a small Silicon Valley startup that offered a free, open-source Procurement application with limited functionality. Today, it’s a global operation with offices on five continents that offers cutting-edge SaaS Procure-to-Pay and Spend Management Solution Suite that competes with the other large Procurement providers in terms of functionality and international exposure.

Coupa has been named as a Leader in the Procure-to-Pay Suite Magic Quadrant for the last two years by Garter and, according to Spend Matters, Coupa is now the “hunted rather than the hunter” among most Procure-to-Pay technology providers.

From our unique vantage point at PunchOut2Go, we also agree with these experts. Sitting between the Suppliers and buying organizations utilizing a multitude of various spend management systems on the market, Coupa has quickly evolved into a fierce competitor and is the fastest growing P2P provider among our customer base. PunchOut2Go supports hundreds of integrations with Coupa and that number continues to grow rapidly as more buying organizations are looking to switch from their current procurement software over to a cloud-based suite of applications to help their company effective manage business spend.

Due to Coupa’s ever-expanding range of capabilities, their focus on improving usability and user adoption, and incredible knack for redefining concepts like Software-as-a-Service and ROI in hard-core dollars and cents – Coupa continues to evolve into just as much a “movement” as it is a company and overall product line. At the heart of this movement is Coupa’s ability to consistently think outside-of-the-box when it comes to offering ever more relevant and meaningful value to an increasingly diverse audience and their dedication to ensure their customers success.

Coupa Inspire Recap

Coupa held their fifth annual conference, Coupa Inspire 17, May 16-18 in San Francisco. One of the fastest growing spend management events in the world, PunchOut2Go was a proud sponsor and had the pleasure of networking and learning from over 2,000 Suppliers, Coupa customers, partners, prospects and employees. The event included a very eclectic line-up of key note speakers, business leaders and Coupa experts all focused on bringing this year’s Coupa Inspire theme, “Unleash Real Value Everywhere,” to life.

Here are a few highlights from this year’s event:

  • Coupa continues to focus on expanding their Partner ecosystem with the announcement of CoupaLink Certified Partner program. CoupaLink provides all Coupa customers with an ecosystem pre-connected software partners with pre-built certified solutions to speed connection to the Coupa platform for faster adoption. PunchOut2Go is proud to a CoupaLink certified partner for SAP OCI integrations, enabling seamless integrations between ERP systems and Coupa Storefront for Coupa Customers.

  • Keynote speaker, Steve Wozinak, Apple co-founder and one of the pioneers of the personal computer revolution,  joined Coupa CEO Rob Bernshteyn on the main stage to discuss a range of topics around innovation. Wozniak shared how motivation is an important factor to driving innovation and inventors need to have “fun” during the process. He also added, “Great ideas are a dime a dozen. It’s the people who actually act on those ideas and do it, that matter.” “This quote is also reflective of the drive of PunchOut2Go” says PunchOut2Go CEO, Brady Behrman “With the help from an experienced team, we identify issues turn them into ideas that lead to properly planned and executed solutions that are scalable and repeatable helping organizations transact with minimal effort leveraging the flexibility of PunchOut2Go.”

  • Coupa Buyers & Partners - The culture from top, down is a culture of unleashing value across the board. We had incredible conversations with partners and buying organizations that mixed from early adopters of Coupa all the way to organizations that were looking at Coupa to manage spend. We launched the PunchOut2Go Coupa Buyer Program in 2016, a program designed to help buyers maximize the value of their Coupa system by getting those difficult Suppliers on-boarded and spend under control. If your organization interested in learning more about the PunchOut2Go Coupa Buyer Program, Contact us.

“Our organization engaged PunchOut2Go to assist with the integration of many suppliers via EDI. Because of our transaction volume (more than 500,000 invoices annually) with these suppliers, automation was critical. While cXML would have been ideal, not all suppliers have that capability and having PunchOut2Go sit in between our Coupa instance and vendors offered incredible flexibility.

PunchOut2Go helped us maintain our current EDI infrastructure as they were able to map to our supplier’s spec rather than having the vendors adhere to a forced structure. This not only saved us time, it also simplified our approach with our suppliers as their IT resources are limited. Because we did not require suppliers to map to a defined spec, we delivered our integrations on time.

Further, PunchOut2Go was able to create order acknowledgements with our suppliers. This is critical as 40+% of our orders are currently done by phone because staff must know if and when critical supplies will be delivered on time.”

Director of Procurement - Reference on Request. 

  • Coupa Advantage Program – PunchOut2Go CEO, Brady Behrman, joined the Coupa Advantage session program which provided invaluable insight into how Coupa is making a difference in driving business through Coupa and giving back to charities as a result. Value comes from more than just savings. Coupa Advantage handles supplier enablement within this program, analyzing and optimizing Coupa customer's spend which helps the customers start saving before they're even live with Coupa. Real savings, starting day 1. Many of the Coupa Advantage suppliers utilize PunchOut2Go technology to connect the eProcurement dots not only with Coupa buyers but with their customers on any procurement system. If you would like to learn more about Coupa Advantage , contact us.

  • Acquisitions of Spend360 and Trade Extensions - With the addition of Spend360, Coupa will help transform outdated data classification processes that rely on humans for accuracy with a modern, digitized system that uses innovative technologies to classify data more quickly and accurately. Embedding Spend360 intelligence in the Coupa platform will make it easier for businesses to reduce risks in their supplier base, grow savings opportunities, and increase efficiency and agility.

The PunchOut2Go Team returned from Coupa Inspire 17 with a renewed appreciation for Coupa’s ever-expanding range of capabilities and further insight on how PunchOut2Go solutions fit into the overall Coupa community. We are excited to watch Coupa continue to get bigger and better and help “Unleash Real Value Everywhere” through our continued partnership. 

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