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COVID-19 Pressures on Commerce & Procurement: Digitization to the Forefront

PunchOut2Go CEO Brady Behrman explains how the B2B and eProcurement markets are handling COVID, companies can pivot to manage the change in supply chain demand and why eCommerce & eProcurement will be forever changed after this global pandemic.

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  • COVID-19 Pressures on Commerce & Procurement: Digitization to the Forefront

With the traditional B2B supply chain channels disrupted due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, it’s clear that eCommerce, as well as eProcurement (Important Notice for Procurement from Coupa CEO, Rob Bernshteyn), will play a huge role in the strategy for moving forward with future sales and overall success of organizations around the world. Complete digitization strategies of how sellers and buyers transact are at the forefront, even more realized now due to the unfortunate circumstance of COVID around the world. PunchOut2Go CEO Brady Behrman shared his insights with Digital Commerce 360 on how the coronavirus is affecting digital commerce as a whole, as well as individual manufacturers and distributors working to keep up with demand-- or lack thereof for some-- during this unprecedented time.

With many places enforcing stay-at-home orders and countless nonessential businesses worldwide temporarily closing their doors, organizations with an eCommerce platform have an absolute advantage in comparison with those who do not. They are ready and able to execute sales easily online, can communicate their product selection, showcase real-time availability and shipping capabilities. More traditional channels are experiencing manpower shortages and serious business disruption, while direct-to-customer sales via eCommerce is providing a selling platform that bypasses disruption. 

Read the full interview at Digital Commerce 360 (Managing the pressures on procurement amid the coronavirus), and learn more about the importance of a direct-to-customer eCommerce strategy for manufacturers worldwide and why Behrman believes coronavirus will change sales channels for good. If you would like to connect with our team to learn more, fill out the form at the bottom of this page and we'll be in touch shortly.

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