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COVID-19 Tips for Communicating with eProcurement Integrated Customers

PunchOut2Go is seeing large spikes in shopping and orders from organizations purchasing products and services related to combating COVID-19. Reminder to our customers of the data that you can use now to ensure that all of your eProcurement related customers are in the know of your stance.

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With the coronavirus outbreak around the world, PunchOut2Go is noticing a sudden increase in purchases from organizations buying products and services related to combating the virus. We want to remind our customers that you have access to this real-time data and can use it proactively to communicate with your buyers during this time and long after.

Communicating with eProcurement integrated PunchOut Catalog users is vastly different than your communications with non-integrated, direct B2B customers. In traditional email announcements and marketing, companies generally include links to products, content and so forth. However, with eProcurement customers, their journey to your eCommerce system must start and finish from within their eProcurement system.

Within the PunchOut2Go Portal (, and depending on your customers eProcurement system, you have access to real-time data and the email addresses of end-users that are purchasing from you through eProcurement specifically. With these addresses, you have the ability to advise them through email communications on products, availability, options, as well as any disruption you may be facing. More importantly, you can shape your communications to be most effective for your PunchOut Catalog customers and users specifically. 

To get access to your data:

  1. Login at (Forgot your password? Simply reset it. If you have questions, email your PunchOut2Go support team.)
  2. Navigate to "Reports > PunchOut Reports"
  3. Change the Timeframe to perhaps "2020 Overview", toggle as needed, and click "View" (screenshot below)
  4. Scroll to bottom, Select Export (screenshot below)

Export and leverage this data via your email communication systems to inform your customers in combating the spread and impact of COVID-19. Make sure that in your messages, you explain it in a way they will easily understand related to purchasing from their systems. 

Example: ACME wants to let you know we have the following products immediately available. Login to your eProcurement or Purchasing System and PunchOut to ACME ... (Note: You won't want to link directly to the products or website because the users need to purchase from within their systems. Provide this information to your communications team).

PunchOut Catalog Reports

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