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Discover How B2B ECommerce Can Drive Your Company’s Growth Strategy

Charging Up Commerce, the new PunchOut2Go-sponsored research report, investigates B2B eCommerce technology and strategy with expert analysis and case studies.

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charging-up-commerce-blog.jpgB2B companies face increasing pressure to engage across multiple channels, with strong demand for eCommerce in particular. But which eCommerce platform is best for your company? You need a flexible and scalable solution, but should you invest in a headless platform? A SaaS store? An on-premises application? And what about integration with back-end ERP and customer eProcurement platforms?

A new research report sponsored by PunchOut2Go and conducted by Digital Commerce 360 aims to answer these questions and more. Charging Up Commerce surveys modern eCommerce technology options with case studies of B2B eCommerce implementations by Unilever, Lawson Products, and Blount International. 

Highlights from Charging Up Commerce

The report features resources to help companies make the right B2B platform and strategy decisions, with examples drawn from the challenges and successes of mid-sized B2B companies. 

Highlights include discussions of:

  • The factors that drive real-world B2B eCommerce adoption, from a desire to offer an EDI alternative to the need to rebuild sales channels in the wake of COVID-19’s disruption of trade shows and field sales. 
  • How B2B businesses overcome the challenges of integrating with buyer eProcurement spend management platforms to provide a streamlined procurement experience. 
  • How headless eCommerce allows back-end and front-end platforms to operate independently, helping developers to customize and enhance the buyer experience. 

The report also includes a preview of B2B Next 2020, the virtual B2B ecommerce conference and exhibition. B2B Next takes place on September 29-30 and features over 70 expert speakers from across the industry. 

PunchOut2Go sponsors B2B Next, and we’ll be hosting a virtual booth and taking part in several peer-to-peer roundtable discussions. We hope to see you there!

B2B ECommerce in the Time of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic reshaped the B2B sales environment for manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers. Companies across the country were forced to accelerate digitization plans and adopt or expand their ecommerce presence. 

As Charging Up Commerce details, flexible ecommerce technology allowed B2C-focused companies like Gap to expand into the B2B space with a new portal for selling face masks directly to businesses. It also helped B2B companies like to offset declining sales with B2B eCommerce sites that offer bulk ordering to the consumer. 

But B2B eCommerce adoption is not without challenges. Buyers increasingly expect B2B sellers to offer a range of integration and automation services. EProcurement is the fastest growing digital sales channel for B2B businesses, and buyers want to integrate as many suppliers as possible to streamline procurement with PunchOut catalogs and sales order automation. 

As PunchOut2Go CEO Brady Behrman points out in an exclusive interview for the Charging Up Commerce report, the pandemic “increased demand among buyers for accelerated supplier integration. To maintain efficient procurement and manufacturing,  buyers need to integrate new suppliers into their eProcurement platform.” 

Download the full report for more insights into building a successful eCommerce strategy. To learn how PunchOut2Go simplifies eProcurement integration and automation for PunchOut catalogs, sales order automation, and more, complete the form below—an eCommerce integration expert will contact you soon.

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