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ESM Solutions selects PunchOut2Go as their B2B eCommerce Integration Partner

In the procure-to-pay world, a supplier’s best option for a contracted catalog is often a punchout catalog. A punchout catalog can be maintained in real-time. The problem? Once registered with an eProcurement provider, many suppliers come to a roadblock if they do not have the technical capabilities to enable their site for punchout or to build a punchout catalog. Luckily, PunchOut2Go has the solution that makes B2B integrations easy, saving everyone time and money.

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ESM Solutions selects PunchOut2Go as their B2B eCommerce Integration Partner

Jan 19, 2015

ESM Solutions, a leading provider of cloud-based spend management and eProcurement solutions, offering sourcing, purchasing, invoicing, analytics and contract management applications to public and private sector organizations has announced its partnership with PunchOut2Go.

By partnering with Punchout2Go, ESM Solutions will now be able to offer their customers an accelerated solution to accomplish their eProcurement initiatives by streamlining the supplier on-boarding process and thus, creating a win-win for all parties involved.

Suppliers that leverage PunchOut2Go save time, money, and resources while having the ability to connect with any of their customers on ESM Solutions or any procurement system.

Through this partnership, ESM Solutions’ buyers will have a go-to solution for suppliers they need to integrate with. ESM Solutions’ suppliers will benefit greatly from PunchOut2Go’s punchout catalog experience and ability to integrate eProcurement systems to any eCommerce application through the PunchOut2Go Gateway.

Andrew Cohen, Senior Supplier Relations Consultant at ESM Solutions, went through a vetting process evaluating PunchOut Catalog Providers and the decision to align with PunchOut2Go was due to "the technical expertise and overall quality customer service PunchOut2Go provides.  ESM Solutions and PunchOut2Go share the same customer-centric business values”.

As mentioned in a recent blog, “On the Road with PunchOut2Go: ESM Explore 2014 a Huge Success” Brady Behrman, CEO, PunchOut2Go said “Working with ESM Solutions has been a great experience for PunchOut2Go. We are excited for ESM Solutions, their growth and the direction CEO, Dan Corazzi, is taking his organization.”

Behrman continues to state “PunchOut2Go is looking forward to the relationship, working together in tight unison with ESM Solutions to help drive their efforts in cost savings to their clients and their suppliers.”

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