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Expand Your Existing Site to be Punchout Ready

PunchOut2Go offers the only Punch-Out Catalog Gateway in the world that enables developers the ability integrate Punchout Capabilities within any website using PunchOut2Go Developer tools, Punchout Catalog Gateway API, Support and Web services.

Expand Your Existing Site to be Punchout Ready

May 21, 2012

punchout-catalog.pngPunchout2Go offers API specifications on how to integrate with the Punchout Catalog gateway. In its simplest form, the gateway is a document translator. 
The gateway consumes the punchout requests and then provides services to the store-front through json requests (web services) to allow the stores to receive and access information needed to complete the punchout transaction. The gateway is able to deal with the variants in punchout communications and provides your store with a consistent interface to deal with.

The gateway is very flexible and can be customized to route different buyers in different ways. The requests themselves can be configured to carry special instructions as well, and able to customize the conversations if there are special needs. 
We enjoy working with developers and see these as collaborative efforts. PunchOut2Go helps developers think through the punchout session so they can plan for changes rather than react to issues from each customer. 
From the feedback we have received, the biggest service is that we have cut the development time drastically. With our support and availability, teams have been able to spend less time learning about how punchout works, and more time making changes to their project to adapt and implement the PunchOut2Go Gateway.

Punchout your existing or development site with, but not limited to, Ariba Punchout, Coupa Punchout, SciQuest Punchout, Oracle Punchout, Peoplesoft Punchout, B2B Marketplace and any other procurement or spend management systemContact us for more details.

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