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Being Proactive vs. Reactive With Your Customers' Needs

Punchout catalogs are becoming an increasingly more common requirement in many RFPs, proving that this growing technology is not going to slow down. “Once the integration is in place, it is a no-brainer for a customer to shop with you,” says Jessica Wetzel- School Health eCommerce Manager

Being Proactive vs. Reactive With Your Customers' Needs

Aug 27, 2013

school_health_punchout_catalog.jpgIn this day in age we must learn to be proactive in the B2B world by embracing technology and preparing ourselves for change. In an industry where the difference between a win or a loss may be a company’s ability to accommodate their clients’ procurement-technology requirements, it is better to open the doors to new opportunities sooner rather than later. Having the capabilities of a punchout catalog can save time, money, and energy for suppliers and their customers alike.

PunchOut2Go CEO Brady Behrman knows that in today’s market it is important to stay on the cutting edge of technology: “Suppliers that are proactive in supporting their customer’s PunchOut integration requirements will have superior achievement and grow revenues in their accounts… as well as open up new opportunities by having a punchout capable environment.”  That is exactly what B&H Photo, Video, & Pro Audio has done.

Behrman was thrilled to see our friends, B&H Photo & Electronics Corp., featured in the August 2013 edition of Integrated Solutions for Retailers for their impressive success in B2B sales. And just as exciting, the article discussed the benefits of being proactive by citing punchout catalogs and Ariba. B&H uses Ariba Discovery to set up and provide necessary resources for their clients before receiving specific requests. After setting up their profile, they saw a dramatic increase in potential leads and as a result, enhanced B2B sales. According to an article written by Paul Demery on, B&H has roughly 150 personalized PunchOut catalogs created for individual trading partners. While B&H is not one of PunchOut2Go’s clients, we do have a great relationship with them and applaud their initiatives and forward thinking.

One of PunchOut2Go’s finest proactive clients is School Health.  They have observed remarkable results by being punchout capable. School Health’s eCommerce Manager, Jessica Wetzel, says she is not seeing any other major player in their market offering this type of service to their customers. And not surprisingly Wetzel also added, “One of our customers told us that on average, sales triple for suppliers that implement punchout with them. Once the integration is in place, it is a no-brainer for a customer to shop with you.”

Punchout catalogs are becoming an increasingly more common requirement in many RFPs, proving that this growing technology is not going to slow down any time soon. Companies that are punchout capable receive these RFPs with peace of mind because they know they are ready to respond with confidence. School Health realizes that the “number of customers demanding punchout integrations is going to increase significantly in the next five years, and if we can get the technology in place today, we won’t be scrambling like the rest of our competitors when the floodgates open a few years from now.”  They don’t have to worry about joining the bidding process among dozens of other suppliers racing to find punchout providers when their existing customers need punchout capabilities.

Nevertheless, at PunchOut2Go we are used to this pursuit; we help provide our clients with the knowledge and support necessary to respond to RFPs with assurance. We measure integration enablement in minutes to hours, not weeks, months, or years.  With this being said not all punchout providers have such a speedy turnaround so it is still important to be proactive by being prepared before customers ask for this technology. Our flexible PunchOut catalog solutions make it easy for suppliers to quickly adapt in a not so cookie-cutter environment. Buyers that PunchOut to PunchOut2Go suppliers actually enjoy the shopping experience let alone the quick deployment.

This battle for the win can be stressful, time consuming, and sometimes costly, so why not skip it entirely by being proactive and ready to embrace the change? Erik Brynjolfsson, Director of the MIT Center for Digital Business and Research Associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research, said, “What can we do to create shared prosperity? The answer is not to try to slow down technology. Instead of racing against the machine, we need to learn to race with the machine.” I propose that instead of fighting against this technological growth, we prepare ourselves for the win by being proactive in the world of punchout; a world that can be a lot less daunting if you allow us to help you.


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