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Getting the Most Out of Your EProcurement Technology

Learn about the eProcurement space and how eProcurement integrations can amplify the power and capabilities of procurement systems.

Getting the Most Out of Your EProcurement Technology

EProcurement technology has a long history, starting with electronic document interchange (EDI) in the mid 1960s and culminating in the sophisticated SaaS eProcurement and spend management platforms of today. In 2019, SaaS vendors dominate the eProcurement space. For large businesses, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems such as SAP lead the way, providing procurement functionality that is deeply integrated with its suite of applications. Smaller businesses are also well-served by simple but powerful solutions.

Leading eProcurement platforms include:

  • Coupa, an all-in-one business spend management platform.
  • Jaggaer, a comprehensive spend management and eProcurement solution popular in the manufacturing industry and the education sector.
  • SAP Ariba, an enterprise cloud eProcurement solution with deep integration with SAP ERP and other tools from SAP.
  • PeopleSoft, part of Oracle’s Supplier Relationship Management Group and a sophisticated eProcurement solution for enterprise users.

Today there are hundreds more eProcurement platforms, including custom platforms that businesses have built in-house.

eProcurement Integration

EProcurement technologies have revolutionized the way businesses make purchases and track spending. However, the most feature-rich eProcurement systems on earth can still be limited by employees having to manually enter data after making a purchase on a supplier's eCommerce site. This monotonous task is often required to gain visibility into spend and insight into purchasing behavior. This is where eProcurement integration adds substantial value.

It is helpful to clarify just what eProcurement integration means. For B2B suppliers, eProcurement integration is the ability for their ERP and Commerce applications to communicate with a buyer’s eProcurement system, enabling the automation of document and data exchange between applications.

When integrated, buyer and seller platforms benefit from the fast and error-free exchange of data, enabling features such as PunchOut catalogs, electronic purchase order, Ship Notices, Order Acknowledgments and e-invoicing capabilities.

  • PunchOut catalogs make it easy and efficient for a buyer to build a requisition, but not always needed, making it possible for seller’s eCommerce stores to be accessible from within the buyer’s eProcurement interface. This allows buyers to select suppliers from within their eProcurement system and be authenticated into the Supplier’s online product catalog to view the correct product offering and contracted pricing for their company.
  • Items can be added to a cart, and cart data can be transferred directly back into the buyer's eProcurement system, requiring no manual data entry. 
  • More importantly, Electronic purchase orders are automatically created when approved within the buyer’s eProcurement system and can be routed to the seller’s eCommerce platform and/or back-end business management system. 
  • Invoice and purchase order delivery is fully automated, requiring no manual intervention.

EProcurement Integration helps you get the most out of your procurement technology by creating a simple, centralized shopping experience, streamlining order processing and approvals, lowering procurement costs, and eliminating manual data entry and errors. The ultimate goal of eProcurement integration is a seamless purchasing experience for both buyers and sellers, transparently exchanging purchase orders, invoices, and other electronic documents between buyers to sellers. The problem is that creating this seamless flow of data can require months of time and effort, along with a high level of technical expertise.

PunchOut2Go specializes in eProcurement integrations and can efficiently connect any Commerce platform with any eProcurement system.


PunchOut2Go approach to Vendor Enablement & On-Boarding

"The normal process for Buyers leveraging eProcurement systems is to have the Vendors adhere to the systems requirements (ie. Coupa, Ariba, Jaggaer, etc.). But, the eProcurement system requirements are rarely the same as the unique buyer requirements and the unique Buyer requirements are what's most important to the success of leveraging eProcurement systems to drive efficiencies." Brady Behrman, CEO, PunchOut2Go 

PunchOut2Go's approach is the PunchOut2Go Vendor Connect Hub which turns the vendor conversation into, "What are you capable of doing today?", "Let's look at leveraging that", PunchOut2Go will then deal with any and all differentiating factors. Now buyers have continuity, continuity to drive efficiency and a modular approach to leverage chosen eProcurement systems today, and in the future, as the business needs change in process or in technology choices.

Case study: VCA Animal Hospitals (Accelerated vendor deployment time, Cost and resource savings for itself and each of its vendors, Six-fold increase in the number of vendors deployed Supplier integration flexibility, scalability, and support, Manual invoice reduction and invoice automation 90%+ order to invoice automation) 

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