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How PunchOut2Go Made Supplier & Buyer Enablement 12 Times Faster

PunchOut2Go’s iPaaS accelerates supplier enablement for PunchOut Catalogs and B2B sales order automation, cutting integration lead-times from six months to just a few hours, spread across 14 business days on average.

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4-16BlogImageSm.pngPunchOut2Go radically accelerates B2B commerce to procurement integrations, allowing B2B buyers to integrate supplier eCommerce platforms for PunchOut Catalogs and B2B sales order automation without long lead-times and expensive custom development. 

On average, direct custom integration projects with B2B suppliers can take well over six months from inception to completion. But with PunchOut2Go, B2B supplier enablement projects take on average, 2 hours generally over the course of 14 days, from internal testing to project kickoff to go-live, including buyer testing. This makes PunchOut2Go a truly scalable B2B automation solution with white-glove service the entire way. 

The Cost of Ad-Hoc Supplier Enablement

The financial and operational value of integrating B2B supplier eCommerce stores with buyer eProcurement spend management platforms is clear. PunchOut catalogs streamline procurement requisitioning and eliminate expensive and error-prone manual data entry. B2B sales order automation facilitates a comprehensive two-way exchange of procurement documents and data from purchase orders to invoicing. 

Once integrated, the procurement experience is faster, procurement is less expensive, and B2B buyers and suppliers benefit from much-enhanced data availability and analytics capabilities.

But, historically, B2B buyers have only managed to enable top-line suppliers for procurement automation, if any. Custom integrations are expensive, slow, and the process has to be repeated for each supplier—many of whom lack the technical ability to integrate even if they want to.

The result is a disconnect between buyers and suppliers. The lack of automated data exchange leads to data siloing, reliance on legacy procurement processes carried out over email or the phone, a poor purchasing experience for procurement professionals, and duplication of effort. When your team fills a shopping cart on a supplier’s eCommerce store, they have to painstakingly repeat the process in your eProcurement platform. 

PunchOut2Go Simplifies and Accelerates Supplier Enablement

Existing vendors already leveraging PunchOut2Go are just a few short hours to connect to new buyers. The typical PunchOut2Go implementation & integration with a new vendor timeline looks like this:

  • PunchOut2Go project managers and developers spend an average of 3 hours spread across 10-14 business days to connect vendors’ eCommerce technologies with PunchOut2Go’s Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) to the procurement platform. We support hundreds of eProcurement, spend management, and ERP platforms. Projects with pre-built PunchOut2Go connectors will be on the faster end of the spectrum, while custom integrations may take longer.
  • With unique buyer requirements gathered, the PunchOut2Go team spends an average of 2 hours over the next 3-5 business days connecting the PunchOut2Go iPaaS technology with the supplier’s eCommerce store. 
  • The PunchOut2Go team then drives testing to ensure all requirements are met and data flows seamlessly between buyer and seller as expected. Testing of use cases continues until both parties are comfortable going live, which takes roughly 2 weeks on average.

That’s an average of only 13 - 19 business days to integrate both buyer and seller platforms with PunchOut2Go's iPaaS gateway to be ready for testing. Our team of integration specialists will work with buyers and suppliers to ensure that the integration process is completed without delays. 

Even better, once the initial integration is complete, it is trivial to integrate more suppliers. With PunchOut2Go, integration for PunchOut Catalogs and purchase order automation is uniquely scalable. Custom integration projects that directly connect buyers with suppliers’ eCommerce stores start from scratch with every new supplier. But with PunchOut2Go’s scalable technology sitting in the middle, enabling additional suppliers is much faster than even the accelerated timeline outlined above. For example, PunchOut2Go helps GE Healthcare integrate with new trading partners and start testing within 24 hours.

Our iPaaS supports any eCommerce store that a B2B supplier is likely to use, so your business benefits from fast, low-cost integration with as many supplier eCommerce stores as it requires. If you would like to discover what this would look like for your business, just fill out the form below and we'll be in touch shortly.

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