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Partner Spotlight: B2B eCommerce Integration with Absolunet and PunchOut2Go

Learn how PunchOut2Go and Absolunet partnered to bring eCommerce and eProcurement integration to B2B suppliers, distributors, and manufacturers.

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AbslunetBlogImage.pngAbsolunet is a professional services firm that specializes in commerce and digital transformation.  For over twenty years, Absolunet has provided strategy, technology, and operations expertise to brands and distributors working to close the eCommerce gap and offer customers an outstanding eCommerce experience. Its innovative research-based approach allows businesses to bridge the gap between customer expectations and their ability to deliver, scale, and adapt. 

Absolunet’s team of over 300 eCommerce experts and contributors accelerate the digital and eCommerce maturity of companies that want to serve their customers better, provide industry-defining experiences, and collaborate more efficiently. Absolunet facilitates digital transformation for businesses across many industries, including manufacturing, HVAC and plumbing, industrial health and safety, building materials and home improvement, home decor and furniture, automotive, and more.

How Do PunchOut2Go and Absolunet Accelerate Integrated Digital Procurement?

PunchOut2Go and Absolunet partnered in February 2020 to provide accessible and intuitive procurement automation solutions to the companies’ shared clients. Absolunet works with many businesses in the B2B space seeking digital procurement capabilities that include PunchOut catalogs, purchase order automation, and eInvoicing. These capabilities depend on integration between seller eCommerce stores and buyer procurement systems. 

Charles Desjardins, CEO and Partner at Absolunet said of the partnership, “B2B buyers want the simplicity of eCommerce and the efficiency of eProcurement integration. In fact, many B2B buyers won’t work with vendors who don’t have integration capabilities. Absolunet partnered with PunchOut2Go to offer our B2B clients that simplicity for their day-to-day operations and the opportunity to expand their market share.”

SPI Health & Safety is just one of the businesses to have benefited from Absolunet’s partnership with PunchOut2Go. Absolunet worked with SPI Health & Safety to migrate their eCommerce offering to a modern platform, consolidate their catalog, and improve the eCommerce experience. As part of a thorough digital transformation, Absolunet and SPI Health & Safety leveraged PunchOut2Go’s integration expertise and technology to enhance buyer procurement capabilities with PunchOut catalogs, sales order automation, and more. 

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