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New Pig's PunchOut Catalog Success: A PunchOut2Go Case Study

PunchOut2Go’s B2B Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) empowered New Pig to migrate over 50 buyers from legacy custom PunchOut catalogs and static catalogs to a modern, scalable PunchOut catalog solution.

11_24_1.pngNew Pig Migrated Over 50 Buyers to PunchOut Catalogs with PunchOut2Go

New Pig is an international, multi-brand supplier of spill control, liquid management, and industrial maintenance solutions. Our newest PunchOut catalog success story reveals how PunchOut2Go enabled New Pig to: 

  • Migrate buyers from custom PunchOut catalogs based on a legacy IBM WebSphere Commerce store to a flexible, modern PunchOut catalog solution on SAP Commerce Cloud.

  • Attract new buyers with low-friction eProcurement integration capabilities.

  • Increase revenue by driving more eCommerce sales through SAP Commerce Cloud.

Read the PunchOut catalog case study to learn how PunchOut2Go and New Pig worked together to build a flexible, scalable, low-cost PunchOut catalog solution on the PunchOut2Go iPaaS and SAP Commerce Cloud. 

Cloud eProcurement Integration with PunchOut2Go

The PunchOut2Go iPaaS is a managed cloud B2B integration platform. It is the only eProcurement integration solution with universal support for all eCommerce platforms and every eProcurement system. Once a B2B supplier’s eCommerce store is integrated with the PunchOut2Go iPaaS, they can offer buyers a wide range of B2B automation features for any eProcurement system. 

Supported automation features include:

  • PunchOut catalogs 

  • Purchase order automation

  • Electronic invoicing

  • Advanced shipping notifications

Businesses like New Pig no longer need to create expensive, hard-to-maintain, non-scalable custom B2B integrations. As a platform-agnostic solution, the iPaaS translates data feeds on the fly, delivering procurement data to buyer and seller systems in many formats, including cXML, OCI, XML, EDI, X12, email, fax, portals, and more. 

Scalable B2B Integration and PunchOut Catalogs

eProcurement is the fastest-growing digital sales channel. As B2B buyers digitize procurement, they expect suppliers to integrate with their preferred eProcurement platform. In the past, that meant developing and hosting expensive custom integration code. But custom integrations don’t scale, and they are challenging to migrate to other platforms. 

New Pig is committed to supporting its buyers’ preferred purchasing experience. The company had developed custom PunchOut catalog integrations for many large buyers. However, when New Pig decided to adopt a new  SAP Commerce Cloud store, it faced enormous challenges moving existing integrations to the new store. Consequently, New Pig was forced to maintain the legacy store for PunchOut catalog users alongside the new store. 

PunchOut2Go was the solution to New Pig’s B2B integration challenges. Our integration technology and expertise empowered New Pig to quickly migrate those buyers to PunchOut catalogs on their new store while laying the foundation for quick, low-cost PunchOut catalog integrations in the future. 

Find out how we did it in the New Pig PunchOut2Go Case Study

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