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PunchOut Catalogs and Order Automation With PunchOut2Go for Liferay Commerce

Liferay Commerce PunchOut catalogs and purchase order automation. Fast, no-code integration with any eProcurement platform via the PunchOut2Go cloud iPaaS.

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PunchOut2Go_4_liferay.pngWe’re happy to announce the release of PunchOut2Go for Liferay Commerce. The new PunchOut2Go for Liferay Commerce connector, which we developed in partnership with Liferay, empowers B2B sellers with Liferay Commerce stores to offer PunchOut catalogs and purchase order automation to buyers on any eProcurement spend management, or ERP platform.

EProcurement is the fastest-growing sales channel for B2B businesses. B2B buyers adopt eProcurement as part of their procurement digitization strategy to streamline procurement, control procurement costs, and reduce procurement errors.

Your Liferay Commerce store is the first step towards procurement digitization, but buyers want more. They want:

  • to search for products, select vendors and access your Liferay store from within their eProcurement platform.
  • shopping carts filled on your store transferred back into their eProcurement platform in order for a requisition order to be created without manual data entry.
  • approved orders automatically transferred to you as a purchase order for order fulfillment.

With PunchOut2Go for Liferay Commerce, you can offer this and more without long and expensive custom development projects. PunchOut2Go for Liferay Commerce helps you to build procure-to-pay workflows that foster durable buyer relationships, attract new business, and lower the cost to serve.

How Does PunchOut2Go for Liferay Work?

PunchOut2Go for Liferay connects Liferay Commerce to the PunchOut2Go Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) — a cloud platform that helps incompatible eCommerce stores and eProcurement platforms to communicate.

When your Liferay store is connected to PunchOut2Go, the iPaaS consumes order and other transaction data from Liferay Commerce and converts it into a format that your buyers’ eProcurement platforms understand.

PunchOut2Go can translate between Liferay Commerce and hundreds of eProcurement, spend management and enterprise resource planning platforms. A single integration with PunchOut2Go enables your Liferay store to connect with any of your buyers’ backend platforms, including:

  • Coupa
  • SAP Ariba
  • Jaggaer
  • Oracle PeopleSoft 
  • Basware 
  • And hundreds more

Once integrated via PunchOut2Go, your B2B business can offer a wide range of procurement automation services to buyers without writing a single line of code, including Liferay Commerce PunchOut catalogs and purchase order automation.

PunchOut2Go is a scalable integration solution. PunchOut2Go for Liferay Commerce scales to any number of buyers on any eProcurement platform, allowing your business to offer procure-to-pay features to many more buyers than is possible with costly ad-hoc integrations.

PunchOut2Go for Liferay Commerce: The Buyer’s Perspective

PunchOut2Go empowers B2B suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors to offer a superior eCommerce procurement experience.


  • The buyer selects your company’s logo from within their eProcurement platform’s interface. PunchOut2Go redirects the buyer to your store and authenticates them with the buying organization’s credentials.
  • The buyer can browse, search, and select products from your Liferay Commerce store as usual. The seller retains complete control of the eCommerce experience.
  • When the buyer is finished, cart data is transferred to the procurement system and a requisition order is automatically created.
  • Once a requisition is approved, PunchOut2Go facilitates the transfer of the purchase order to the Liferay Commerce store for fulfillment and processing.

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