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PunchOut2Go CEO to Speak at the 2019 AD eCommerce Summit

PunchOut2Go is attending the AD eCommerce Summit at the end of February. CEO Brady Behrman will speak with distributors about eProcurement, punchout catalogs, and the benefits B2B order automation can bring to their organizations.

Charlottesville, VA, February 11, 2019 - PunchOut2Go will attend the 2019 AD eCommerce Summit to discuss eCommerce and eProcurement integration with distributors. Brady Behrman, CEO of PunchOut2Go, a leading provider of managed punchout catalog integration and B2B automation, will speak about eProcurement, punchout catalogs, and how eCommerce and eProcurement integration enhances relationships between suppliers, distributors, and buyers.

AD is America’s largest marketing and buying group for construction and industrial supplies. The annual AD eCommerce Summit brings together decision makers from independent distributors across North America to share their knowledge and experience of eCommerce and selling in the digital era. Attendees can take advantage of a wide range of workshops, speeches, and networking sessions with AD members and service providers.

“PunchOut2Go’s cloud integration platform can improve the efficiency of distributors' digital operations and extend the eProcurement channel opportunities through fast and inexpensive integration between buyer and distributor eCommerce platforms,” said Brady Behrman. “The AD eCommerce Summit is a great opportunity to meet with distributors to talk about how platform integration can reduce procurement costs and errors while streamlining the procurement workflow.”

The 2019 AD eCommerce Summit takes place from February 25–27 in Fort Worth, TX.

In addition to Behrman’s introduction to eProcurement and punchout catalogs, workshops at this year’s summit cover topics as varied as the shift to mobile, product content management, email marketing strategies, and advanced eCommerce analytics.

“The AD eCommerce Summit is known as the place for AD eCommerce leaders to network with independent distributors, learn from industry professionals, and attend booth sessions with AD experts and service providers,” said Caroline Ernst, AD Vice President of eCommerce Solutions. “We are excited to introduce PunchOut2Go to AD members at the booth hall. We believe PunchGo2Go delivers a robust and flexible punchout catalog solution for B2B eCommerce. The solution is adaptable and integrates into all eCommerce platforms.”

PunchOut2Go is a complete procure-to-pay (P2P) integration solution that harmonizes punchout, orders, invoices, shipping notifications, and other data between any eCommerce platform and any eProcurement, ERP, or spend management platform. With PunchOut2Go, distributors can easily integrate with supplier and buyer eProcurement and eCommerce platforms.

About PunchOut2Go:

PunchOut2Go is a cloud eProcurement integrations company enabling businesses from around the world to connect electronically and purchase and sell products and services through eProcurement platforms. With thousands of PunchOut catalog and B2B order automation integrations worldwide, PunchOut2Go’s cloud-based adaptable gateway solution gives suppliers the ability to integrate PunchOut catalog functionality into their existing eCommerce platform and provides 100% PunchOut compatibility with any procurement system. Learn more at

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