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Comprehensive Guide to B2B eCommerce Strategy

Learn how to optimize your B2B eCommerce business with this collaborative ebook from six of the industry’s leading B2B service providers, including PunchOut2Go.


Download the ebook now to learn about B2B eCommerce strategy, customer experience, eProcurement integration and automation, platform growth, and more.

Modern B2B buyers expect a streamlined buying experience that integrates with their eProcurement or ERP platform. But that’s not all they expect. The most successful B2B eCommerce stores combine a convenient shopping experience with traditional B2B sales strategies, personalized catalogs, excellent search, impeccable performance, and comprehensive automation.

That’s why PunchOut2Go has partnered with BigCommerce and industry-leading B2B eCommerce service providers to create a comprehensive guide to the techniques, technologies, and strategies that B2B eCommerce retailers need to know.

Exceeding B2B Buyers’ Expectations in 2019

More than 50% of B2B buyers use eProcurement software, and most of those who don’t, plan to adopt an eProcurement platform soon. If manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors are to take advantage of the trillion-dollar B2B market, they must be ready to meet buyers with integration-ready eCommerce stores and sales teams who understand the benefits of integration and automation.

PunchOut2Go’s chapter of the Exceeding B2B Buyers’ Expectations In 2019 ebook offers an in-depth review of eProcurement integration and eCommerce automation. Starting with an explanation of eProcurement and why it’s important to B2B buyers, we cover the procurement process, eProcurement, and eProcurement integration, before looking at the benefits of integration for punchout catalogs, eInvoicing, and the automatic exchange of procurement documents between eCommerce applications and eProcurement platforms.

Most importantly, we discuss how B2B eCommerce businesses can make eProcurement work for them. There are two approaches to B2B integration: ad-hoc custom integration and integration via a managed gateway. We consider the benefits and drawbacks of each approach and provide a summary of B2B supplier best practices.

Other chapters in the ebook were contributed by industry leaders, including ShipperHQ, Apruve, and Nextopia. They cover a wide range of topics including:

  • Customer acquisition and conversion optimization through search.

  • Scaling B2B eCommerce businesses with the right platforms and tools.

  • Solutions for B2B logistical problems, including eProcurement and complex shipping requirements.

In addition to contributing to the ebook, PunchOut2Go CEO Brady Behrman joined BigCommerce and seven other industry leaders for a live roundtable discussion of the solutions B2B sellers can adopt to exceed buyer expectations. The webinar, Simplifying the Modern B2B Buyer’s Journey, covers 2019 B2B trends, buyer expectations, and how best-of-breed solutions can help B2B eCommerce sellers to meet those expectations.

Learn how to optimize your B2B eCommerce business by downloading Exceeding Your B2B Customers eCommerce Needs In 2019 today.

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