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PunchOut2Go Customer Zones Inc. Featured by B2B E-Commerce World

Since 2015 PunchOut2Go has been supporting Zones with e-procurement integrations globally. Their success within B2B commerce caught the eyes of Digital Commerce 360's Paul Demery, a journalist following B2B e-commerce covering how companies are innovating and growing with commerce technology.

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PunchOut2Go Customer Zones Inc. Featured by B2B E-Commerce World

Jun 21, 2018

Zones, Inc., a customer of PunchOut2Go, boasts incredible success through procurement channels in an article released June 20, 2018 by Digital Commerce 360.

The article Blending e‑commerce portals and procurement to grow global sales shares how Zones, an international reseller of IT products and services, has a growth strategy rooted in dozens of customized e-commerce portals for customers in 80 countries.

E-Commerce Manager of Zones UK Adam Gurr discusses how the many usages of e-procurement systems and requirements from PunchOut to orders and invoicing are solved by Zones leveraging of PunchOut2Go. "Because PunchOut2Go software is designed to integrate with most procurement and ERP systems, it typically can take a few weeks to set up a new customer with PunchOut procurement," Gurr says. "By comparison, it can take several months to set up direct links between procurement and e-commerce portals outside of PunchOut2Go."

"Since our inception, PunchOut2Go has been providing companies with ease-of-integration, many-to-many integration B2B procurement-related solutions that allow companies to have the confidence that they can indeed connect and do business with any customers on any e-procurement system," says PunchOut2Go CEO Brady Behrman. "When Zones first came to us, they had previously done integrations on their own with another provider, but quickly identified how trying procurement portal integrations could be. They also knew the market was incredible and needed a best in breed solution. So while they weren't asking 'What is a PunchOut Catalog?', they were seeking a way to connect and do business with any of their e-procurement customers with scalability and increase operational efficiency with B2B End-to-End Automation. Our model of helping organizations like Zones leverage their existing infrastructure and, more importantly, additionally support their next platform, whatever that may or may not be, providing more assurance and continuity to drive for excellence to grow rapidly within the e-procurement channel."

Zones leverages PunchOut2Go for Magento 1 and Magento 2 and has an incredible story that can be found at Digital Commerce 360, B2B E-Commerce World.

PunchOut2Go supports tens of thousands of integration points around the globe through homegrown custom commerce technologies as well as 50+ different packaged e-commerce system offerings such as Magento, Websphere, and Hybris with more and more in the works that connect to over 100 different e-procurement systems.   

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