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PunchOut2Go Enables Laboratory Suppliers With Integration Capabilities in Partnership with ILDA

PunchOut2Go empowers laboratory suppliers with PunchOut and sales order automation capabilities through commerce with eProcurement spend management platforms integrations, in partnership with ILDA.

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  • PunchOut2Go Enables Laboratory Suppliers With Integration Capabilities in Partnership with ILDA

Charlottesville, VA, August 25th, 2020 — PunchOut2Go, a leading eProcurement and eCommerce integration provider, has partnered with the Independent Laboratory Distributors Association (ILDA) to provide PunchOut catalog and B2B sales order automation capabilities to ILDA members.

ILDA is the pre-eminent membership association for distributors and manufacturers of laboratory equipment and supplies. With over 100 members throughout North America, ILDA provides a wide range of networking and educational services.

By partnering with ILDA as a Resource Member, PunchOut2Go will provide the ability for independent laboratory distributors and manufacturers to offer integration and automation services such as PunchOut catalogs, electronic purchase orders, and eInvoicing to buyers who utilize eProcurement spend management and ERP platforms to purchase from approved vendors.

“EProcurement is the fastest growing B2B sales channel, and eProcurement users want to integrate as many suppliers as possible to accelerate procurement and reduce costs,” said PunchOut2Go CEO and Co-Founder Brady Behrman. "PunchOut2Go is the only provider in the world 100% focused on helping distributors and manufacturers to leverage the commerce technologies of their choosing, enhancing and enabling eProcurement-related transactions through commerce.”  

PunchOut2Go is a cloud integration service that facilitates fast, low-cost, zero-code integration between supplier eCommerce web stores and buyer eProcurement platforms. PunchOut2Go’s Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) is a fully managed integration solution that supports thousands of combinations of eProcurement and eCommerce software.

“We’re thrilled that PunchOut2Go is joining us as a resource partner,“ said ILDA’s Executive Director Kathi Bretcko. As procurement and commerce digitization becomes more widespread in the laboratory and scientific industries, ILDA members’ customers expect them to offer commerce experiences with PunchOut catalog capabilities and a means to transact electronically to ensure orders to invoicing are automated in a healthy buyer-to-seller relationship. This is a significant challenge given the huge variety of eCommerce and eProcurement platforms, but PunchOut2Go’s technology mitigates these gaps for ILDA members.

The PunchOut2Go iPaaS translates between buyer and supplier platforms without expensive custom integrations, ingesting data from both sides of the transaction while converting formats and protocols in real-time. PunchOut2Go connects any eCommerce technology such as Magento (Adobe), Big Commerce, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Shopify, and 50+ others, with any eProcurement platform, including Coupa, Jaggaer, SAP Ariba, GEP, Unimarket, and Oracle PeopleSoft. 


About PunchOut2Go:

PunchOut2Go is a global B2B integration company specializing in connecting commerce business platforms with eProcurement spend management and enterprise resource planning applications, allowing companies around the world to streamline purchasing processes and transact electronically. Harnessing the power of the cloud, PunchOut2Go’s flexible iPaaS technology seamlessly links business applications to automate the flow of purchasing data and reduces integration complexities for PunchOut catalogs, electronic purchase orders, eInvoices, and other B2B sales order automation documents in order to accelerate business results. Learn more at

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