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PunchOut2Go Finalist at World Procurement Awards 2020

PunchOut2Go has made the list of finalists for the Best P2P Specialist Provider award at the 2020 World Procurement Awards, the most respected awards show in the procurement industry.

p2pAward.pngThe World Procurement Awards named PunchOut2Go a finalist for the Best P2P Specialist Provider award, a prestigious award designed to recognize the purchase to pay company that provides the most value for their clients in terms of unique and innovative products, excellent delivery of those products, and a commitment to customer support. After an extensive review process by an independent judging panel consisting of senior procurement executives, the World Procurement Awards selected PunchOut2Go as one of only 8 companies that meet their momentous criteria.

“We are honored to be selected again as a finalist for this prestigious award,” said Brady Behrman, CEO, PunchOut2Go. “We built PunchOut2Go with a customer-first mentality, and being recognized by the World Procurement Awards for the value we create for our customers is significant to me. It says a lot about what we have achieved and the direction we are heading as a company.”

Judge Cesare Guarini, Director Sustainability Procurement, Philip Morris International, stated that he is “Impressed by the judging process and the quality of the submissions. Judging has been a demanding challenge, and a significant responsibility. But it was an insightful experience and a learning opportunity.”

PunchOut2Go is being recognized for the unique value it provides for clients as the only company 100% focused on integrating eProcurement and commerce technologies. PunchOut2Go enables B2B Buyers using any eProcurement system to purchase via PunchOut Catalogs from vendors using any eCommerce platform. PunchOut2Go also leverages its limitless integration capabilities to automate the exchange of electronic documents such as purchase orders, order confirmations, invoices, shipping notifications, and more. 

For B2B buyers, PunchOut2Go offers the Vendor Connect Hub, an integration platform as a service (iPaaS) gateway that acts as a data translation layer between buyer eProcurement systems and supplier eCommerce and order management back-end systems. Buyers integrate with the Vendor Connect Hub once, and PunchOut2Go branches out to connect with each individual vendor, creating a scalable integration solution for eProcurement integrations. On the supply side, PunchOut2Go has always focused on helping distributors and manufacturers around the world leverage best-in-breed eCommerce technologies to connect with their buyers and drive business through their own infrastructure, mitigating integration complexities and enhancing transactions between procurement and commerce.

The company is also committed to expanding the technologies and services offered to meet new procurement needs as they arise, with PunchOut2Go’s new eQuoting service standing as a perfect example. With this ever-growing stable of innovative services, PunchOut2Go provides a variety of business benefits for procurement departments in numerous industries across the globe. These benefits include: 

  • Simple, Centralized Purchasing - Support business continuity and increasing efficiency of resource planning
  • Enhanced shopping experience - Provide buyers with an easy, intuitive shopping experience that mirrors a B2C eCommerce environment
  • Streamlined Order Processing - Reduce time spent waiting on procure-to-pay processes with B2B automation, increasing productivity and profitability
  • Lower procurement costs - Reduce maverick/rogue spending while promoting preferred suppliers
  • Increased order accuracy - Eliminate tedious manual data entry and the resulting expensive errors
  • Enforce company approvals - Maintain compliance with contracts and organizational policies, allowing Procurement managers to approve orders with 100% confidence
  • Eliminate time and money spent on maintenance - Utilize agile and responsive 3rd party support to quickly make adjustments and resolve issues as they arise
  • Increased Transparency and Reporting Ability - Avoid unnecessary risks with actionable data throughout the procurement life cycle

The World Procurement Awards named PunchOut2Go a finalist for the Best P2P Specialist Provider award alongside B2B NEGROCIOS, Ivalua, JAGGAER, MarkIT Holding, Moglix, Precoro, and Singapore E-Business.

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