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PunchOut2Go Joins Silicon Review’s 50 Best Companies to Watch

PunchOut2Go’s industry-leading eProcurement and eCommerce integration technology makes it one the 50 Best Companies to Watch, says Silicon Review

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50BestBlog.pngSilicon Review, the leading business technology publication, has named PunchOut2Go one of the 50 Best Companies to Watch in 2020. The award focuses on fast-growing and innovative businesses in industries that range from manufacturing and materials science to aerospace and artificial intelligence.

PunchOut2Go’s nomination as one of the 50 Best Companies recognizes its unique technology and ability to provide low-cost integrations between any eCommerce store and any eProcurement or ERP platform.

Businesses around the world are eager to streamline procurement processes and reduce costs. PunchOut2Go plays a crucial role in connecting buyers and sellers, allowing them to integrate quickly, leverage automation features such as PunchOut catalogs and sales order automation, and transact electronically on their preferred platforms. 

PunchOut2Go: A Company to Watch in 2020

As Silicon Review notes, 15 percent of B2B sales derive from eCommerce, 25 percent from eProcurement, and 35 percent from VAN networks, with the remainder from traditional pre-digital sales channels. B2B buyers and sellers are enthusiastic about B2B sales digitization, both buyers via eProcurement and sellers via eCommerce and B2B marketplaces. 

Sellers want to increase the number of sales processed through their eCommerce stores, and buyers want to integrate supplier eCommerce stores and B2B marketplaces with their eProcurement platforms, but both face numerous challenges on the road to integration and automation, not least the immense diversity of buyer and seller platforms with incompatible communication and data exchange protocols. 

Silicon Review understands the importance of the evolution of digital sales in the B2B space, and the crucial role of PunchOut2Go’s Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) technology. Our iPaaS connects buyer and seller platforms to enable a host of B2B automation services, including PunchOut catalogs, purchase order automation, electronic invoicing, and electronic quotes. 

Via PunchOut2Go, vendors can offer buyers a frictionless path to eProcurement integration, pushing customers to their eCommerce store while reducing transaction costs and accelerating the procurement cycle. 

Integration capabilities are now a key factor in B2B buying decisions. Many buyers avoid vendors who cannot integrate with their preferred eProcurement platform; the cost of doing business over disconnected systems is a burden many buyers refuse to carry. 

In his interview with Silicon Review, our CEO and co-founder Brady Behrman emphasizes this point when he says that, without integration and automation, buyers and suppliers waste tremendous amounts of time and money. Whereas, with purchase-to-pay automation, manual work is removed from the procurement process,  and buyers and sellers can take full advantage of the modern, low-friction user interactions offered by SaaS eProcurement platforms and eCommerce applications. 

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