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PunchOut2Go On the Road: #CoupaInspire 2015

In June, the PunchOut2Go team traveled to the Silicon Valley, San Francisco, California to sponsor and attend Coupa Inspire 2015! This three-day event, focused on Coupa’s Savings-as-a-Service, was full of networking, use case examples, lessons learned, lessons to learn and thought-provoking ideas leaving the captive audience, Inspired!

As to be expected, PunchOut2Go and attendees heard from insightful and inspirational speakers throughout the event. To kick things off, Coupa CEO, Rob Bernshteyn, shared the story of Coupa’s, ‘savings as a service’ platform. Bernshteyn and his team reinvented Coupa’s core values of ensuring customer success, focusing on results, and striving for excellence. To support their core values, Bernshteyn and his team developed a two-part hypothesis for a customer-friendly and cost-effective Coupa by emphasizing the importance of user experience and pre-integration.

coupa-savings.jpgTo reinvent their approach, Coupa swapped their original idea of functionality for the new perspective of usability. By focusing on enhancing their customers' user experience and implementing a more intuitive process, Coupa saves customers precious time and money. Additionally, they quantified their methods by controlling spend, reducing costs, and collecting data about these respective practices. Usability is central to Coupa's current business model. They actively listen to user comments and adjust their product accordingly, as PunchOut2Go does as well. Coupa’s refined approach now enables business for over 1.5 million suppliers around the world through cloud technology. With the combination of the aforementioned hypothesis and their focus on cost reduction, Coupa has achieved a great amount of success, has offices across three continents, and has engaged with millions of global customers. To date, they have saved companies over $5B with their cloud spend management technology.

"Bernshteyn's vision for Coupa, it's growth with quantifiable results, is an inspiration in itself, constantly delivering to save customers money," says PunchOut2Go CEO, Brady Behrman. "The entire Coupa team shares into this vision and through our experiences, we see first-hand, the vision being fulfilled. At Inspire, we met with many Coupa customers that additionally share the vision, looking into additional ways to save, cut costs and better manage their spend."

2015 Inspirational Speaker, Navi Radjou, Focused on Creative Problem Solving in the face of extreme limits. Captivating and Motivating the audience with his background of pioneering entrepreneurs in emerging markets who figured out how to get spectacular value from limited resources, the practice has now caught on globally.

At PunchOut2Go, we assist both buyers and suppliers alike, expediting the onboarding process in an effort to streamline spend and the requisition-to-fulfilment processes. For Buyers, we ramp up and streamline their supplier integrations to help them maximize their ROI swiftly by identifying the suppliers they do business with and capabilities the supplier has, or needs to have, to support B2B eProcurement integrations. For Suppliers, we help connect the mission-critical dots to ensure the connectivity for the life of the relationship, including but not limited to PunchOut, Purchase Order and Invoice Handling services. In 2014, users moved over 500 billion through PunchOut2Go’s network, contributing to savings across the platforms for customers in 29 countries, to date.

At Inspire 2015, There was a great wealth of inspirational presentations that included:

  • Business Agility: Leveraging the Power of Coupa Configuration
  • Coupa Analytics: Actionable Insights to Optimize Your Spend
  • Coupa for Healthcare
  • Coupa for High Technology
  • Eliminate Redundant Spend and Increase Savings with Coupa Inventory
  • Coupa Sourcing
  • Fastest Path to Supplier Enablement with Coupa's Open Business Network
  • How Coupa Contracts Can Increase Compliance
  • Integrating Coupa With Your Enterprise
  • Invoicing Innovation - Taking Accounts Payable to the Next Level
  • Managing Growth: Scaling Financial Processes and Spend Management with Coupa
  • Optimizing Accounts Payable with Better Cash Management
  • Spend it Forward: Leveraging the Power of the Coupa Collective
  • Reinventing Procurement by Putting People First
  • Get Your Head in the Cloud
  • Unified Spend Visibility and Control with Expenses that Employees Love!
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PunchOut2Go was proud to sponsor Coupa Inspire 2015 and is looking forward to Inspire 2016. Other sponsors inspiring attendees included: KPMG, IBM, The Shelby Group, Novatus, Deloitte, CCP Global, Accenture, WIPRO, The Hackett Group, Seal, Avalara, Orbitz, Scan One, Data Dimension, NetSuite, Armanino, Insight, IGATE, Teleflora, National Car Rental, InvoicePay, Bluvault, DocuSign, Grainger, The Home Depot, EXL, Office Depot, MasterCard, Procurement Leaders, Spend Matters & PayStream Advisors.