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PunchOut2Go CEO Brady Behrman Hosted Roundtable at B2B Online

PunchOut2Go sponsored B2B Online in Miami, Florida in November and lead a roundtable for B2B eCommerce manufacturers and distributors on the second day of the event.

Charlottesville, VA, November 21, 2018 - PunchOut2Go, a managed punchout integration provider for eCommerce and eProcurement platforms, sponsored B2B Online, the premier digital marketing conference for manufacturers and distributors in the US. PunchOut2Go CEO Brady Behrman and VP of Partnership Success Kari Cress lead a roundtable for B2B eCommerce suppliers, with a focus on educating attendees about eProcurement best practices.

The roundtable featured in-depth recommendations on how suppliers and manufacturers can align their eCommerce offering with buyer requirements, accelerating the sales cycle, improving customer retention, and reducing the cost to serve.

B2B_Online_roundtable.jpgThe PunchOut2Go team discussed the benefits of building structure around eProcurement as a business strategy. As a vital component of efficient supply chain management, eProcurement and B2B integration should be central to buyer and supplier strategy, not merely a function of IT departments.

“Many of the suppliers we spoke with were reactive to customers' requirements instead of proactive,” said Brady Behrman, PunchOut2Go CEO and Co-Founder. “The roundtable discussions brought a lot of excitement to the manufacturers and distributors in attendance because it opened more opportunities and ideas for them to move to a proactive state by leveraging technology to enhance existing customer relationships and attract new opportunities.”

The B2B space has evolved. Buyers expect distributors and manufacturers to offer the same simple self-service eCommerce offered by consumer retailers. They also expect B2B eCommerce platforms to integrate seamlessly with eProcurement, ERP, and spend management platforms.

In the past, it was complex and expensive to provide punchout catalog integration between eCommerce applications and eProcurement platforms such as Coupa, Jaggaer, and SAP Ariba. But, as Brady Behrman detailed in the PunchOut2Go roundtable, eProcurement punchout is not the expensive challenge it once was.

PunchOut2Go provides an integration layer that facilitates order-to-invoice automation of eCommerce and eProcurement integration. With support for all major and in-house eCommerce and eProcurement platforms, PunchOut2Go empowers suppliers to offer their buyers an efficient and inexpensive solution for punchout catalog, purchase order, shipping notification, and invoice integration.

About PunchOut2Go:

PunchOut2Go is a cloud eProcurement integrations company enabling businesses from around the world to connect electronically and purchase and sell products and services through eProcurement platforms. With thousands of PunchOut catalog and B2B order automation integrations worldwide, PunchOut2Go’s cloud-based adaptable gateway solution gives suppliers the ability to integrate PunchOut catalog functionality into their existing eCommerce platform and provides 100% PunchOut compatibility with any procurement system. 

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