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PunchOut2Go Sponsors Insite Engage 2018, CEO Brady Behrman to Speak

PunchOut2Go is sponsoring InsiteCommerce's inaugural customer user conference, Engage 2018, in Minneapolis, Minnesota in September. CEO Brady Behrman is scheduled to present on the main stage on the final day of the event.

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Charlottesville, VA, August 24, 2018 - PunchOut2Go, the leading provider of B2B eCommerce punchout integration, has announced its sponsorship of Insite Software’s Engage conference. Engage is an unmissable opportunity for B2B sellers and service providers to connect, build relationships, and find solutions.

PunchOut2Go CEO Brady Behrman will speak at Engage 2018 about the changing B2B sales environment and how sellers can improve customer retention rates, attract new customers, and reduce costs with B2B eCommerce. Punchout was once a luxury, but today it is expected. Sellers who can’t provide punchout integration and B2B order automation with eProcurement, ERP, and spend management platforms are at a competitive disadvantage.

B2B sellers who attend Behrman’s talk will learn how the B2B market has evolved over the last decade. They will gain an understanding of the opportunities and challenges in the eProcurement space. And, most importantly, the PunchOut2Go CEO will discuss B2B integration solutions that reduce transaction costs and drive value for B2B sellers who use InsiteCommerce.

“There is no true standard for punchout integration between seller eCommerce stores and the vast array of eProcurement backends used by buyers, and yet today’s buyers expect vendors to provide seamless integration,” said Brady Behrman. “B2B sellers may be reluctant to invest in punchout integration because of complexity and cost concerns, but modern B2B automation technology makes it easier and cheaper to integrate InsiteCommerce — or any eCommerce store — with any eProcurement backend to automate business transactions.”

Insite Engage 2018 takes place on September 10–12 at Loews Minneapolis Hotel, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The agenda is packed with sessions that cover valuable topics for InsiteCommerce sellers, marketers, designers, and developers. Highlights of the business track include How to Increase Revenue Per Customer and How to Retain Customers. Executives will learn from Unifying the B2B Experience Through Digital Self-Serve and Building a Transformational eCommerce Team. The technical track includes sessions on security, eCommerce performance, UX design, and more.

The PunchOut2Go team will be at Engage to talk to InsiteCommerce sellers about punchout and how PunchOut2Go can integrate their store with a vast array of eProcurement and ERP platforms, including Coupa, Jaggaer, Oracle ERP and PeopleSoft, SAP Ariba, and many more.

About PunchOut2Go:

PunchOut2Go is a cloud eProcurement integrations company enabling businesses from around the world to connect electronically and purchase and sell products and services through eProcurement platforms. With thousands of PunchOut catalog and B2B order automation integrations worldwide, PunchOut2Go’s cloud-based adaptable gateway solution gives suppliers the ability to integrate PunchOut catalog functionality into their existing eCommerce platform and provides 100% PunchOut compatibility with any procurement system. Learn more at

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