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PunchOut2Go's insight in B2BecNews Special Edition (Winter 2015) - E-Procurement Tools

In B2BecNews Winter 2015 edition, Procuring for Profits, PunchOut2Go brings insight to Retaining Key Customers and Increasing Sales with a PunchOut Catalog.

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PunchOut2Go's insight in B2BecNews Special Edition (Winter 2015) - E-Procurement Tools

Nov 20, 2015

Companies are blending spend management policies with a new generation of e-procurement tools to improve purchasing operations. PunchOut2Go's innovative approach is highlighted in B2Bec News, strategic intelligence for business-to-business professionals.

B2BecNews_Winter_CPL_Cover200x265.jpgThis Executive report highlights how organizations are leveraging technology to improve processes. Other featured content includes:

  • Spotlight: Texas gets ‘smart’ with a purchasing portal
  • Procurement vendors: What’s new
  • Data points: Challenges and plans

Duncan Jones, Vice President and Procurement systems Analyst from Forrester Research is cited saying, "Issues such as corporate social responsibility, conflict minerals, corrupt practices, data security and so on, are forcing CPOs to be much tougher in preventing purchases from unapproved suppliers." At PunchOut2Go, we often talk about growth of the B2B Market, The B2B eProcurement market and "Preferred Suppliers", what that means to a supplier and the opportunity that comes from being an approved and preferred supplier.

The eProcurement market is growing rapidly, up 22% from 2014. Forrester reports spend on procurement technology is at 6.6 Billion in 2015, from 5.4 Billion in 2014. Did you know that Dell generates annual e-commerce sales of about $15 billion, with an estimated three-fourths, just more than $11 billion, being obtained by selling to other businesses? The eProcurement and B2B market presents massive opportunities for suppliers.

“Buying organizations have invested heavily into e-procurement spend management systems and face challenges in getting their suppliers on-boarded and driving spend through their procurement system,” says Brady Behrman, CEO at PunchOut2Go. “Suppliers can differentiate their business from the competition by investing in the e-procurement channel and becoming a preferred vendor with their buyers. In doing so, suppliers will help their B2B buyers achieve their goals and at the same time suppliers will lower the cost to serve their customers and increase sales because they can do business the way their buyers want them to.”

Also in the executive report, MarketLive brings additional insight to transforming B2B websites into selling tools. E-commerce platforms may be transforming the way business-to-business buyers purchase by enabling them to connect to suppliers anytime. “B2B suppliers typically don’t market and merchandise to their customers because they assume to know what their customers want and offer it,” says Ken Burke, chairman and founder of e-commerce technology platform provider MarketLive Inc. “Today’s B2B buyers have been exposed to rich online shopping experiences as consumers and expect suppliers to provide similar experiences on their websites.”

As stated by Burke, buyers are wanting a B2C experience. In our report, "PunchOut2Go eProcurement Trends: Browsers (Part 1 of 3) What suppliers need to know about the B2B PunchOut customers", we dive in and see how usability plays a factor into that experience as well as highlight what suppliers need to know to provide that experience.

We encourage everyone to get this free Executive Report. The report can be obtained at Internet Retailer.

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