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On the Road with PunchOut2Go: SAP Ariba LIVE 2018 North America and Europe Recap

PunchOut2Go had the exciting opportunity to travel to Las Vegas in March and Amsterdam in April to sponsor and attend SAP Ariba Live Conferences in the US as well as Europe, where the team connected with many customers, buyers, and thought leaders within the procurement industry.

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On the Road with PunchOut2Go: SAP Ariba LIVE 2018 North America and Europe Recap

May 21, 2018

The PunchOut2Go team recently joined over 3,100 buyers and suppliers as a sponsor for the biggest procurement conference in the world, SAP Ariba LIVE in Las Vegas. This three-day event at Caesar’s Palace was centered around encouraging attendees to dream a little bigger and imagine a world where technology makes their lives even easier—not just at home, but in the office too.

It was PunchOut2Go’s seventh year in attendance and the conference itself had record-breaking numbers. Team members had the pleasure of networking with procurement leaders, buyers, suppliers, and existing customers from around the globe utilizing SAP Ariba solutions.

In the kick-off keynote delivered by SAP Ariba President Barry Padgett, he expressed how technology and systems should anticipate our needs and personal preferences in order to help us do things faster, better, and more efficiently. The opportunities really are endless for where this idea could take us.

PunchOut2Go has helped facilitate over $10 Billion across 15 currencies through SAP Ariba.

There were 156 information-packed sessions available over the course of the conference tailored to buyers, SAP Ariba customers, and sellers. These sessions included recent innovations in SAP Ariba sourcing, collaboration, custom forms, and guided buying, as well as e-commerce digital transformation and even panel conversations with industry thought-leaders.

PunchOut2Go also attended their first ever international SAP Ariba LIVE conference in Amsterdam in April represented by our Dublin, Ireland team and GM, Europe - Tommy McShane. At both conferences, the team attended numerous breakout sessions and learned more about current market challenges, changes within SAP Ariba, and additional best practices all of which help PunchOut2Go drive value to our global customer base.

One session that stood out to the team was the “Supplier Experience” featuring SAP Ariba VP of Seller Applications Manish Jaiswal and their Director of Seller Applications Sherry Lin. They discussed that for many buyers, effectively working with their suppliers is just as important as listening to their customers. They believe that “companies that collaborate with suppliers grow faster” than those who do not, and even tend to outperform their peers. From their research they’ve found that leaders in supplier collaboration beat industry trends by approximately two times in growth metrics.

“Since our inception, we have always taken the approach of understanding the ins and outs of all e-procurement systems and how each one varies as well as how buyers leverage them, which can be vastly different between buyers even on the same systems. PunchOut2Go Buyer Solutions can help solve challenges and increase efficiencies within their procurement processes,” says PunchOut2Go CEO Brady Behrman. “SAP Ariba has incredible coverage across LIVE, and what we learn from SAP Ariba team members, customers, partners, thought leaders, interactive sessions, and discussions helps us to deliver value also to our Seller customers by leveraging the knowledge to put technology in place to help organizations integrate PunchOut Catalogs and other B2B integrations transactions efficiently.”

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