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On the Road with PunchOut2Go: XUG Conference 2017 Recap

XMPie®, A Xerox Company, is the leading provider of software solutions for variable data printing, integrated cross-media campaigns, web-to-print and marketing automation. The XMPie Users Group brings together professionals who are using XMPie solutions to grow their knowledge and enhance their company’s web-to-print and marketing reach.

For the second consecutive year, PunchOut2Go participated in the XMPie Users Group (XUG) Conference as a gold sponsor. It was a 3-day event filled with engaging and interactive sessions covering technical, creative, and business-related topics.

We were welcomed to the 10th XUG Conference, hosted this year in Orlando, FL, by opening keynote speaker and XMPie President Jacob Aizikowitz. He shared their most significant advances over the previous decade and highlighted how omnichannel marketing will soon be reshaping to enable even better campaigns and a broader reach.

The following 35+ sessions covered everything from detailed tutorials designed to enhance your work to big plans for the future and creating campaigns on-demand. Thought leaders shared their visions and knowledge about growing your business during a challenge environment, marketing and data automation, and how to think outside the box to create personalized content that engages your target audience.

PunchOut2Go’s very own CEO Brady Behrman and Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Partnerships Kari Cress presented their insights in a session about connecting attendees’ XMPie uStores to their e-procurement customers. They provided an overview of the growing B2B e-procurement market and how to not only retain key business, but to win new opportunities to drive business growth.

“Print, as it relates to e-procurement, is a commodity of spend that requires capture, but due to technology gaps, was not possible,” says Brady Behrman. “Through this partnership with XMPie, web-to-print and full B2B e-procurement automation is now possible. PunchOut2Go for XMPie  is a robust solution that enables buying organizations to prepare print, on demand, while tightly integrating with buyer spend management systems while streamlining the back-office print shops.”

Christian Kopocz, XUG Executive Director and XMPie User with prindoz, agrees that this is a win-win for the end users configuring products to procurement and print departments.

“PunchOut2Go empowers XMPie users to easily integrate with large corporations where e-procurement is required,” says Kopocz. “The ability to transact through e-procurement systems is essential as organizations around the globe shift and manage spend though procurement solutions such as Ariba, Coupa, SAP, Jaggaer, and more.”

Jeroen van Druenen, XUG President and XMPie user with Jubels, added that “PunchOut2Go is a leading example of what XMPie Users can achieve when they combine their knowledge, XMPie solutions, and the right add-ons to meet end-user customer requirements.”

The PunchOut2Go team had a great time at XUG 2017 networking, collaborating, and learning from leaders in the web-to-print and e-procurement markets, and look forward to all that is to come with this great partnership!

This Break-out session from Xerox, XMPie's XUG #XUG17Orlando event led by Brady Behrman CEO and Kari Cress VP Marketing and Strategic Partnerships provided an overview of the growing PunchOut and B2B eProcurement market, how to retain key business and win new sales opportunities by connecting applications to customers that are utilizing and leveraging spend management procurement systems, such as SAP Ariba, Coupa, PeopleSoft, Jaggaer (formerly SciQuest) and many others.