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SAP Ariba Live Virtual Experience Recap

Due to the spread of COVID-19, SAP Ariba transformed their biggest event to an online experience, making their presentations on the future of eProcurement open to the public.

AribaVirtual_Sm.pngOn March 18th, PunchOut2Go attended SAP Ariba Live for the 9th consecutive year, although “attending” the 2020 edition of the event took on a new connotation. With the COVID-19 pandemic impacting the world, SAP Ariba made the difficult, but smart and admirable decision to transform SAP Ariba Live, their capstone conference and networking event, into a virtual experience. This was a monumental task considering the limited time before the event and the ever-increasing restrictions on workplaces and human interaction. 

Despite these obvious challenges and many more we’ll never know about, SAP Ariba was able to record and release a significant amount of video content, to be consumed by a much larger audience than would have physically attended the event.

The opening remarks given by Chris Haydon, President of SAP Procurement Solutions Area, gained more than 53,000 views in the first 2 days it was posted, which is quite a feat for an event that typically draws just over 3,000 procurement professionals. Chris kicked off the event speaking about how disruption is our new reality, and SAP is working to protect business continuity in our current moment of great uncertainty. In helping create reliable and transparent supply chains, SAP Ariba, and partners like PunchOut2Go, ensure that critical supplies reach the people and places where they are needed the most.

SAP Ariba Live launched with all videos immediately available, providing a significantly more flexible experience for viewers watching from their homes across the globe. The event launched with 8 keynote videos and 15 breakout sessions across the topics of core procurement, cross-portfolio and platform, services and external workforce, and sourcing and supply chain.

At PunchOut2Go, we were most interested in the session, Collaborating with Suppliers to Unleash Hidden Value in Your Supply Chain, as PunchOut2Go enables SAP Ariba customers to integrate directly with supplier eCommerce platforms that exist outside the Ariba network. This amplifies the power and flexibility of SAP Ariba for buyers looking to take even greater control over their spending.

Overall, the SAP Ariba Live virtual experience was a difficult but successful pivot that opened up the event to a larger audience while supporting public health and safety. Check out the Ariba Live event page to view all of the presentations and content from the event. To learn more about PunchOut2Go, simply fill out the form below, and we’ll be in touch shortly.

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