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SAP Ariba Releases New Video Starring PunchOut2Go’s CEO

Want to learn more about PunchOut2Go and our history with the SAP Ariba Network and SAP Ariba Live? Brady Behrman shares his company’s experience attending SAP Ariba Live as a sponsor and how valuable this event is for connecting and collaborating with their customers.

SAP Ariba

Almost ten years from the day that our founders released their first Ariba PunchOut Integration Solution, SAP Ariba has released a new video starring PunchOut2Go’s Co-Founder and CEO, Brady Behrman.

This video is designed to give the SAP Ariba Live audience a quick overview of PunchOut2Go’s basic capabilities, Seller Solutions and Buyer Solutions, as well as a brief history of our long-standing relationship with the SAP Ariba Network and SAP Ariba Live.

What does this mean for PunchOut2Go?

In the words of our Co-Founder and CEO, Brady Behrman, “This is a real honor. They chose us out of literally hundreds of thousands of potential candidates. It was only ten short years ago that we came up with the idea for PunchOut2Go, a solution that today supports thousands of integration points all across the globe. And now, SAP Ariba, one of the biggest names in the eProcurement industry, decides to invest their own time and resources letting us share our story for their own marketing purposes? To me, that speaks volumes about their belief in our products, solutions, and long-term success.”

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