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SciQuest #NL2015

Over 700 industry leaders gathered for SciQuest’s NextLevel Procurement conference this year. Members of the PunchOut2Go team participated in various breakout sessions ranging from topics supporting supplier SciQuest PunchOut Catalog and B2B initiatives to learning more buyer’s needs.

In early March in Washington, D.C., over 700 industry leaders gathered for SciQuest’s NextLevel Conference. The conference served as a platform for customer feedback, allowing users to provide insight about existing products and future product development. SciQuest recently introduced improvements to the dashboard feature, allowing users to customize the data and access information quickly and plans for a mobile application to track procurements.

Members of the PunchOut2Go team participated in various breakout sessions ranging from topics supporting Supplier initiatives to learning more buyer’s needs. In the world of e-Procurement, specifically B2B e-Procurement, it’s all about the Buyers. A favorite session, “Shop Like a Pro! Best Practices for Shopping,” allowed us more insight to using a PunchOut catalog as a buyer. By understanding the Buyer’s experience, we can better support both our customers and their customers throughout what could otherwise be a daunting task of integrating a PunchOut catalog.

Another session that peaked our interest was “Using Technology to Transform eProcurement.” During this session we heard from esteemed panelists about how technology has revolutionized the procurement process and increased their respective organizations’ efficiency. Additionally, we heard about the expansion of e-Procurement to the mobile world. While PunchOut catalogs are not currently supported mobily on SciQuest’s application, when they’re ready to PunchOut from mobile and tablet devices - we will be too. We are already equipped and ready. Through each PunchOut2Go PunchOut Catalog Gateway implementation we do with a vendor, we perform significant browser and device testing.

President and CEO of SciQuest, Stephen Wiehe, presented this year’s NextLevel themes; two of our favorites being emphasizing the value of integration and the importance of efficiency and ease of use. At PunchOut2Go, customer service is our main priority.  We work diligently to provide seamless integrations in order to help our customers increase the value of their punchout catalogs without being bogged down with the complications of developing a PunchOut catalog. We understand the importance of communication in technology transitions. Our relationship with SciQuest is an important part of our work as a company. SciQuest’s Suzanne Cristopher, Supplier Relationship Manager, said, “SciQuest has a great working relationship with PunchOut2Go. We have worked together on numerous integrations and they consistently go smoothly.”

Bottom line: Our clients are our first priority. We communicate and strive to involve you in every step along the way. That is why our solutions are so effective.

Keynote Speaker and Navy Seal-Team 6 Veteran, Robert O’Neill, imparted his wisdom to us, discussing his theory of success. One of the most important being “never quit.” This theory (although one could argue it is fact) is one of the many reasons why PunchOut2Go team members participated in SciQuest’s NextLevel 2015. We will never quit looking for opportunities to learn and grow as a company, and we will go above and beyond to support our clients in any way possible.

SciQuest NextLevel 2015 provided invaluable opportunities for our team to collaborate with other procurement firms, learn from our customers, their customers, and discover our next game-changing solution. Stay tuned for more news on punchout solutions--including Brady and Seth’s trip to AribaLive 2015!

By: Alexandra Newman & Hayley Lawrence |  April 10, 2015