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Unlocking Value in Nashville: SciQuest Next Level Recap

The PunchOut2Go team traveled to Nashville, TN to sponsor and attend SciQuest Next Level 2016. This three-day event delivered strategies for “Unlocking Value” in procurement with education, training, networking and featured keynotes.

PunchOut2Go sponsored another great eProcurement industry event, the SciQuest Next Level conference, last month in Nashville. In our four years attending the SciQuest Next Level event, attendance was the largest that we have seen with roughly 700 attendees which included a mix of buyers in the higher education and government sectors, suppliers, exhibitors and sponsors. During the opening general session, Karen Sage, SciQuest’s new CMO, asked the audience to raise their hand if they were attending the conference for the first time.  About 30% indicated that this was their first event, which reconfirmed what team members at PunchOut2Go already know from being on the front lines of eProcurement integrations – SciQuest remains as one of the top eProcurement solution providers on the market, especially for buyers in the Higher Education and Government sectors.


Like we heard at the Ariba Live conference and the Coupa Inspire events earlier this year, SciQuest is also acting on feedback from their customers and “unlocking value” by focusing on building a partner ecosystem model, designed to promote collaboration and networking with open API connections, which will allow custom apps to be integrated with the SciQuest suite. SciQuest CEO, Stephen Wiehe, outlined their internal development and roadmap strategy during the first full day general session. It was clear that SciQuest is shifting away from just selling procurement technology tools and is moving towards offering broader capabilities that will work together to support procurement priorities and responsibilities.

Team members from PunchOut2Go attended various breakout sessions during the conference ranging from topics focused on eProcurement, supplier management and source-to-settle in order to learn more about the challenges facing procurement professionals and best practices that Universities and government agencies are implementing.  

A highlight of the conference for PunchOut2Go, was that our CEO, Brady Behrman, had the privilege to speak during one of the conference workshops hosted by SciQuest Senior Director, Product Marketing, Chris Farrell.  The session, “The Mobile Workforce Value of 24/7 Business” provided a look at where mobile procurement has been, where it is going and what is next. With SciQuest’s announcement (SciQuest Press Release) earlier in August as the first and only spend automation provider to deliver mobile shopping via punchout catalogs, providing customers the flexibility to shop anytime, anywhere, from any place, SciQuest’s mobile app now offers one the most complete mobile procurement experience available on the market.

“The opportunity to not only present at Next Level but represent the suppliers perspective shows what great strides we are making as an organization, elevating the possibilities for suppliers around the globe, leveraging modern day technologies in a commerce space that is generally 10 years behind the curve,” says Brady Behrman, CEO at PunchOut2Go. “SciQuest is making great strides within the eProcurement channel, expanding upon their offering, creating a win-win for Buyers and Sellers alike to transact seamlessly through modern-day technologies.”

carnival.jpgOn the last day of the conference, exhibitors donated items to giveaway to attendees and the PunchOut2Go giveaway was a huge success. While events within technology always give away another device or gadget, we chose the latter, with giveaways for some fun and R&R. We donated two, $250 Carnival Cruise gift cards, as part of the SciQuest Exhibitor Raffle. Congrats to the winners, Kathy Zendebbad from McGill University and Teri Cook from Temple University - both of which PunchOut2Go supports with supplier integrations.  

Once again, SciQuest Next Level provided invaluable opportunities for the PunchOut2Go team to collaborate with procurement experts from various buying institutions and learn how we can best support our customers, the Suppliers. We are excited to see SciQuest continue “unlocking value” for Buyers in procurement and at PunchOut2Go, we continue “unlocking value” for our customers by reducing the cost and complexity of punchout and B2B eProcurement integrations so that our customers can focus their efforts on growing their business.