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XMPie Integrates With PunchOut2Go To Streamline eProcurement

Web-to-Print enters the eProcurement world in a big way through this partnership. The web-to-print market is complex when you factor in proofing, highly customized configurations required and fulfillment, let alone the the added complexity of eProcurement & PunchOut for web-to-print goods. This solution meets the needs for eProcurement buyers around the globe to capture this spend efficiently through their eProcurement platforms, streamlining these transactions.

XMPie Integrates With PunchOut2Go To Streamline eProcurement

Sep 26, 2016

xmpie.jpgXMPie, a Xerox Company, today announced the ability to connect with eProcurement systems through a gateway powered by PunchOut2Go. This new capability makes it easier to connect XMPie-enabled web-to-print storefronts with buyers that use eProcurement applications such as Ariba, SciQuest, Coupa, SAP, Oracle and more.

eProcurement systems are deployed within corporations to increase efficiency and ensure that company-mandated procurement policies are practiced. Such systems enable registered users to purchase from trusted sellers of goods and services.  “PunchOut” is a method for purchasing from a supplier’s website from within a buyer’s own eProcurement system.

PunchOut2Go is a recognized vendor of PunchOut solutions, supporting thousands of integrations for PunchOut, electronic purchase orders and invoices on over 70 eProcurement systems in over 30 countries.

The XMPie integration with the PunchOut2Go gateway enables trusted print service providers to offer their XMPie-based VDP and Cross Media services through a company’s eProcurement system. Buyers are able to shop within a uStore-enabled storefront where they could personalize or customize a product and create an order whereby shopping cart and order data would be seamlessly and securely synchronized with their eProcurement system.

“Providing our customers the option to add a PunchOut2Go gateway to their web-to-print service offerings, opens for them the door to Enterprise-class customers.” said Jacob Aizikowitz, president, XMPie. “This is a real differentiator and likely to be a significant competitive advantage for our customers, as it opens the broad Enterprise market to practice web-to-print via their native eProcurement systems.”

The XMPie integration with PunchOut2Go is an XMPie Professional Services offering and will be shown at the XMPie/Xerox Booth at Graph Expo, which is taking place Sept. 25 – 28 at the Orange County Convention Center North in Orlando, Florida.

"XMPie, a Xerox Company, now offering PunchOut capabilities utilizing best-in-class eProcurement integrations via PunchOut2Go offers a fantastic opportunity for XMPie customers to enter the eProcurement channel, drive more efficiencies and ultimately, sales revenue." said Brady Behrman, CEO, PunchOut2Go. "eCommerce providers across all verticals around the globe, such as XMPie within the web-to-print market, are leveraging and partnering with PunchOut2Go to package up for their customers, providing a clear and precise way for those customers to seamlessly connect with any of their eProcurement customers, creating a win-win for everyone." 

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