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Buyer Solutions

Solutions around supplier enablement for the buy-side. We provide packaged, customizable solutions around the buyer's requirements for suppliers to streamline the onboarding process.

PunchOut Catalogs

Punch out of your procurement system to securely search your vendors' catalogs to shop and easily create requisitions, streamlining your purchasing processes, driving compliance, and controlling spend across your organization.

B2B Automation

Exchange purchase orders, invoices, and other documents electronically- eliminating paper, errors, and repetitive data entry, while increasing order accuracy. Couple with electronic document handling to fully automate the purchasing process.

Streamlined Integration Solutions for Buyers, E-Procurement Punchout Systems and Buy-side Support Organizations

eProcurement_Vendor_Connectivity.jpgAs a buying entity, your organization is or has invested heavily into a spend management system to help manage and streamline spend. One of your largest obstacles is getting your vendors integrated to do business through your e-procurement system. The task of accomplishing e-procurement integrations from a supplier's prospective is always easier said than done. PunchOut2Go is the answer to help streamline the vendor integrations and maximize your ROI by seamlessly integrating your vendors to facilitate purchasing through your chosen e-procurement suite.

Beyond delivering the most robust punchout catalogs, we offer a true punchout catalog gateway service. The PunchOut2Go gateway is the only adaptable e-procurement PunchOut system of its kind in the world. Coupled with PunchOut2Go's award winning integration management processes and ease of implementation for a supplier, PunchOut2Go is a win-win for all parties.

The Punchout2Go PunchOut gateway can be implemented and integrated into the e-commerce applications you have been using for years. If your company has been purchasing from a supplier since before the times of an e-procurement PunchOut system and you want your supplier to now accept PunchOut orders, our flexible PunchOut gateway can be implemented within the particular supplier's e-commerce application with minimal effort. No need to reinvent the wheel. Contact us for more information.

For your suppliers establishing their first e-commerce solution with punchout, PunchOut2Go solutions are geared towards helping vendors leverage their own infrastructure as an easy to implement solution.

PunchOut2Go Vendor Connect

Any-to-Any integration for vendors to seamlessly integrate with buyer procurement system while adhering to requirements and protocols. Learn more

PunchOut Catalog Marketplace

Guided PunchOut Marketplace

PunchOut Marketplace allows easy access to shop from suppliers’ PunchOut Catalogs without regard to the varying ERP or eProcurement systems. Learn more

Shop2Requisition Compliance™

Solution with technology to approve orders with confidence reducing manual efforts to ensure purchasing compliance across your organization. Learn more

Coupa Storefront Connector

PunchOut2go is the integrator for the Coupa Storefront. Learn more

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