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Guided PunchOut Marketplace

The PunchOut2Go Guided PunchOut Marketplace allows easy access to shop from suppliers’ PunchOut Catalogs no matter the varying ERP or eProcurement systems in use by enterprises.

The PunchOut2Go Guided PunchOut Marketplace is a buy-side offering and modular solution that allows organizations to have one single route destination to a Guided Marketplace of approved PunchOut catalog vendors to shop from. This simplified approach ensures that end-users are purchasing from the appropriate vendors and beautifies the data interchange between PunchOut Catalogs and Buyer ERPs or eProcurement systems leveraged across an enterprise.

  • PunchOut2Go = Connect and drive integrations at scale, at ease
  • Guided = Provide the right intuitive experience to end users
  • PunchOut = Leverage robust vendor eCommerce applications with real-time contracted pricing availability for ease of requisitioning
  • Marketplace = Single interface encompassing access to approved PunchOut vendors

There are several scenarios that the PunchOut Marketplace will enhance how procurement and end-users transact, validate, and requisition against the appropriate vendors. 

PunchOut2Go Guided PunchOut Marketplace Scenarios

Use Case 1: Global organization leveraging dozens to hundreds of independent ERP or eProcurement systems across various business units.

Global Organizations may leverage hundreds of ERPs or eProcurement technologies across their enterprise such as SAP, Oracle, SAP Ariba, Coupa, etc. These Organizations have gaps tracking spend against vendors, global and local, in a centralized manner due to the myriad of technologies leveraged. The solve in this scenario is a Guided PunchOut Marketplace experience that by a punchout vendor matrix, displays the appropriate vendors against the localized or global vendor commerce applications ensuring end-users are simplifying the purchasing process and global procurement teams have the ability to have a centralized reporting application that gives procurement the visibility they need to maintain contract compliance. 

Use Case 2: ERP license-related issues and complexity of multiple endpoints from a single system.

Many ERPs are incredibly complex to manage punchout catalogs across a wide array of vendors. This process in some cases takes buying organizations with vendor organizations months to years to establish. The PunchOut2Go PunchOut Guided Buying Marketplace will provide the abilities to easily on-board vendors, manage the integrations, and provide an intuitive experience to end-users. 

Use Case 3: Your unique needs, contact us

The Guided PunchOut Marketplace Workflow

  1. User will PunchOut to the PunchOut Marketplace from their ERP or eProcurement system.
  2. User will select the Vendor they then wish to shop from.
  3. User will build a shopping cart on the vendor eCommerce application.
  4. User will transfer the Shopping Cart data back into their originating ERP/eProcurement system.

Guided PunchOut Marketplace Rendering


Guided PunchOut Marketplace Reporting

  • PunchOut by ERP
  • PunchOut by ERP against vendor
  • PunchOut against vendor 
  • Session Starts, Cart Transfers, Currencies, Amounts, etc. 


PunchOut Marketplace Additional Features & Functionality

  • Alignment of proper UOM, UNSPSC classifications based upon unique ERP/eProcurement setups.
    • Filtering: (by region, by classification (i.e. MRO), “content groups” = business units, individuals, etc. 
  • Vendor ID Mapping to appropriate vendor records within individual originating ERP or eProcurement systems on punchout cart transfer
  • PunchOut2Go is the technology buffer of cXML, OCI, Oracle XML, API’s, JSON, custom, etc. via the PunchOut2Go Vendor Connect Hub
  • Shop2Requistion Compliance is a tool that validates pricing against vendor PunchOut catalogs
  • Real-time reporting

Guided PunchOut Marketplace Benefits  

  • Consolidated & managed PunchOut Catalog Marketplace
  • Reduction in supplier integration time
  • Increase in number of vendors on-boarded
  • Increase in amount of spend captured
  • Cost and time savings in reduction to manual order entry
  • 100% flexibility to integrate with any vendor

Guided PunchOut Marketplace Requirements:

  • Originating ERP or eProcurement systems must be able to facilitate some form of PunchOut capability.
  • Originating/receiving ERP or eProcurement systems must be able to allow for an update of the Vendor ID record on cart transfer.
  • PunchOut catalog vendors must support any method of PunchOut catalog capabilities. If vendors are unable, seller solutions will assist.

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