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Coupa PunchOut Catalog Integration

Leverage Coupa Storefront as your internal marketplace to transact between the marketplace and your ERP(s) providing end-users with a consistent requisitioning process and experience.

PunchOut2Go for Coupa Storefront is a managed service that enables seamless integration between ERP systems and Coupa Storefront.

  • Common Protocols such as OCI, CXML and Oracle XML as well as bespoke scenarios are all supported. 
  • Leverage for multiple ERP's into one unified shopping experience
  • Leverage Coupa Storefront as a single Marketplace, tightly integrated with your ERP, to interact both with hosted catalog vendor data as well as punchout catalog related vendors as your organization finds fit.

The PunchOut2Go Gateway sits between the systems and is designed to adhere to all of their policies and protocols. In addition to ease of integration, PunchOut2Go offers 24/7/365 support and the PunchOut2Go Portal, which provides real-time visibility into every moment to and from your endpoints. The PunchOut2Go Portal also enables analytics, troubleshooting, and validation.

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