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Shop2Requisition Compliance

Ensure purchasing compliance across your organization by providing Buyers the ability to streamline procurement approval processes resulting in saving you and your employees valuable time.

Shop2Requisition Compliance, powered by PunchOut2Go, is an easy to use, transparent, self-service requisition compliance workflow middle-ware e-procurement solution that ensures requisition-to-order approval compliance via PunchOut. The Shop2Requisition technology integrates with any e-procurement system that is a punchout catalog capable application. It eliminates the need for complicated workflow, minimizing manual processes post requisition as well as the integration itself.


With the rapid development of the B2B eProcurement space and abundance of marketplaces such as Amazon Business, Grainger, VWR as well as direct vendors, e-procurement Buyers are faced with challenges as it relates to guided buying and ordering compliance, ordering goods and services from preferred and approved vendors while providing their end users with an experience that best reflects the vendors’ offering.

Procurement & Sourcing professionals have identified the vendors of choice to provide the services and goods that were negotiated. These relationships are important to both buyers and vendors alike.

How Shop2Requisition Compliance Works

Shop2Requisition is a cloud-based technology that sits between a procurement system and PunchOut Catalog(s).

  • The end user punches out as normal to the vendor or marketplace. 
  • Once the user builds their cart and transfers the cart back into the procurement system, the Shop2Requisition Compliance technology will ensure that line items are in compliance, removing line items that are not in compliance and providing guidance to the end user. 

Shop2Requisition can validate against any data coming from the punchout catalog including but not limited to UNSPSC, pricing, category, etc. Shop2Requisition also harmonizes data formats and complexities as a middleware for conversions between cXML and OCI or vice versa and the various formats of the protocols used.

How much time does it take your organization to audit spend and manually handling non-compliant requisitions? Imagine removing this obstacle and how your approvers can make better use of their time. 

Shop2Requisition Results

With less manual touch-points ensuring that users are purchasing goods and services from the appropriate vendors, eliminating the manual intervention needed for approvers to approve requisitions that don’t meet your requirements and are not in compliance. 

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