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PunchOut2Go Vendor Connect Hub

Any-to-Any integration for vendors to seamlessly integrate with buyer procurement system while adhering to requirements & protocols through simplistic approaches leveraging PunchOut2Go's ability to support any document protocol, building processes systematically to meet buyer requirements.

PunchOut2Go Vendor Connect Hub simplifies to streamlines the vendor integrations.

PunchOut2Go Vendor Connect Hub, a platform-as-a-service gateway technology, acts as layer between Buyer eProcurement systems and their suppliers’ eCommerce and order management back-end systems.

This middleware technology can consume any type of data and transaction communication protocols from any business system, translate into the protocol needed, and map accordingly to enable procurement and commerce business applications to communicate effectively and enable businesses to transact electronically.

Vendor integrations, managed! Vendors do not need to adhere to buyer protocols or unstandardized, standards. With any Any-to-Any, Many-to-Many solution: Data and management of translations for transaction protocols such as cXML, EDI, OCI, CSV, REST / SOAP, etc. 

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