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Frequently asked questions around PunchOut, e-procurement, and B2B integrations.

General PunchOut Catalog Frequently Asked Questions

This page answers frequently asked questions pertaining to PunchOut catalogs. If you have a specific PunchOut question not covered here, please contact us.

What is a PunchOut Catalog?

How Does a PunchOut Catalog work?

What is E-procurement?

What is an E-procurement system?

Why are our customers asking for a PunchOut Catalog?

How would my company benefit from having a PunchOut Catalog?

Would we need separate PunchOut Catalog?

You’ve been asked to provide a punchout catalog, What now?

What's different between CIF/Hosted and PunchOut Catalog?

What is a Level 2 PunchOut Catalog?

What is PunchOut2Go?

What is the PunchOut2Go Gateway?

What is the PunchOut2Go Portal?

How can I benefit from using the PunchOut2Go Portal?

What type of ecommerce platform do we need for PunchOut2Go?

What procurement systems can PunchOut2Go integrate with?

How can PunchOut2Go support our electronic PO and Invoices?

What data transfer protocols can be used with PunchOut2Go?

How much does a PunchOut Catalog Cost?

What’s the LOE to get a PunchOut Catalog up & running?

Why should we choose PunchOut2Go?

Why PunchOut2Go over building our own application?

How do we drive usage of the eProcurement channel?

Why do buyers request or require PunchOut?

What other Procurement systems can be integrated?

What is the difference between cXml and OCI?

How do I become a PunchOut2Go partner?

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