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GE Healthcare Case Study

OBJECTIVE for SUCCESS: Improving equipment maintenance and parts sourcing with procurement integrations leveraging SAP Hybris to Provide PunchOut catalog and B2B order automation capabilities to customers purchasing through eProcurement spend management systems.


As a leading global medical technology and life sciences company, GE Healthcare provides a broad portfolio of products, solutions and services used in the diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of patients and in the development and manufacture of biopharmaceuticals.

Key Challenges

Customers were looking for an easier way to do business with GE Healthcare. Key customers needed a more efficient and reliable WAY to find, view real time information and procure parts and accessories for their equipment. Customers wanted the information at their finger tips with no “swivel chairs” between their workflows and GE.

  • Help GE Healthcare customers save time
  • Provide more accurate information
  • Create stickiness with loyal customers, gain share with incremental accounts


SOLUTION GE Healthcare decided to “partner” and integrated with PunchOut2Go middleware one time for each service. Initial development took six weeks from design, implementation and testing. PunchOut2Go acted as an advisor and partner during each step of the implementation to ensure successful launch.


  • 15% of orders placed from punchout integration customers … target for 50% by 2019 
  • Increase in orders of integrated customers of 10%+ at a minimum 
  • Ability to start testing within 24hrs for customers 
  • Added flexibility and ease of working with GE Healthcare as a delighter for customers


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