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Seller Solutions

PunchOut catalog solutions for suppliers to support B2B commerce via CXML, OCI, xCBL, XML with Ariba, Jaggaer (formerly SciQuest), Coupa, SAP, Oracle, and other procurement systems. We develop unique, robust, and customizable PunchOut catalogs.


Punchout Catalog Solutions for Suppliers

B2B PunchOut catalogs solutions enable suppliers to reach entities that include the state, government and larger buying groups for B2B e-commerce. PunchOut orders are produced online in a paperless manner for online procurement (e-procurement) through a buyer's purchasing application (Ariba, Jaggaer- formerly SciQuest, Coupa, Unimarket, PeopleSoft, SAP Round Trip, Oracle, and more).

punchout-catalog-process.jpgPunchOut2Go offers the most innovative, robust and affordable B2B PunchOut catalog solutions with complete flexibility for suppliers and customizable buyer experiences.

A buyer visits the vendor/supplier PunchOut catalog via channels from their procurement network such as Ariba, Coupa, or other procurement sources. Our PunchOut gateway recognizes these buyers and routes the buyer to browse your online catalog/shopping cart configured for the PunchOut buyer. When the buyer adds items to the cart and proceeds to checkout, the buyer will not see traditional checkout methods, but instead “PunchOut Your Order”. The PunchOut2Go gateway then transmits the order back in cXML, OCI, and other document protocols to the procurement network source where the buyer completes the requisition for e-procurement.

B2B PunchOut Catalog Challenges

PunchOut is a complex integration. Some of the largest challenges a company will expect when attempting to develop a PunchOut integration internally are support, varying requirements, steep learning curve, and lack of testing applications to make sure integrations work. Meet PunchOut2Go!

The PunchOut2Go Approach


PunchOut2Go offers an adaptable gateway solution with unparalleled support to connect an e-commerce application to any procurement system. Our gateway deals with all variating factors from procurement system to procurement system and from trading partner to trading partner, which ultimately unifies the data in a consistent manner to and from the e-commerce application. Also experts in B2B End-to-End Automation, PunchOut2Go customers see enhanced efficiencies in exchanging purchase orders and invoices. 

We additionally offer tools that allow developers the ability to simulate and test the PunchOut process. 

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