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PunchOut2Go for Adobe Commerce

Our flexible Adobe Commerce, formerly Magento, PunchOut Catalog solution enables PunchOut eProcurement with Ariba, Jaggaer, Coupa, SAP, Oracle and hundreds of other systems.

PunchOut Catalogs and Sales Order Automation for Adobe Commerce


PunchOut2Go integrates Adobe Commerce stores with over 160 different eProcurement, ERP, and spend management platforms.

Adobe Commerce (formerly Magento) is used by thousands of B2B retailers, but like many other eCommerce platforms, it does not provide native PunchOut capabilities for procurement systems. PunchOut2Go’s B2B automation takes care of Adobe Commerce data integration, empowering sellers to use their existing Adobe Commerce store to enable PunchOut catalog purchasing with their buyers’ online procurement systems.

PunchOut2Go provides PunchOut and B2B Order automation capabilities for Adobe Commerce merchants to their customers on systems such as Coupa, Jaggaer, Oracle iProcurement, Oracle PeopleSoft, SAP SRM, Ariba, and many more.

Adobe Commerce and PunchOut2Go

PunchOut2Go integrates with Adobe Commerce via the PunchOut2Go Extension in the Adobe Exchange. The extension allows Adobe Commerce stores to communicate with the PunchOut2Go Gateway and provides a configuration interface within Adobe Commerce. The Gateway translates data and communicates orders, metadata, and other information between Adobe Commerce and eProcurement platforms.

PunchOut2Go provides end-to-end B2B automation, reducing transaction costs for buyers and sellers.

The PunchOut2Go experience starts when the buyer chooses a supplier’s Adobe Commerce catalog from their eProcurement platform.

  • The buyer is automatically transferred to and authenticated with the Adobe Commerce store.
  • They shop as normal, choosing products to put in their cart.
  • When they have finished, instead of checking out, they hit “Transfer” in the Adobe Commerce interface. Order data is then transferred via the PunchOut2Go Gateway to the eProcurement platform.
  • When the order has been authorized, the Adobe Commerce store can receive the purchase order details via the Gateway. 
  • The seller fulfills the order as usual, and the Adobe Commerce store can send an invoice via the Gateway to the eProcurement platform.

Adobe Commerce PunchOut for Coupa

Coupa is a leading enterprise spend management platform used to to manage procurement, invoicing, and expenses. PunchOut2Go provides straightforward Adobe Commerce integration with Coupa. Buyers can shop in your Adobe Commerce store and PunchOut to Coupa seamlessly.

Adobe Commerce PunchOut for SAP SRM

Many of the largest companies in the world use SAP ERP with SRM to manage every aspect of their business, from accounting and human resources to sales. Businesses in the SAP ecosystem prefer to buy from suppliers who integrate with SAP’s end-to-end procurement and logistics processes.

With PunchOut2Go, B2B retailers are able to offer their buyers hassle-free two-way communication between SAP and Adobe Commerce.

Adobe Commerce PunchOut for Ariba

Ariba is a cloud spend management solution used by thousands of businesses. PunchOut2Go can integrate Adobe Commerce PunchOut into your buyer’s Ariba account so they can shop from your Adobe Commerce catalog. Order data is automatically communicated between Adobe Commerce and Ariba, providing a simple and intuitive procurement experience with effortless PunchOut.

In addition to the eProcurement platforms mentioned here, PunchOut2Go is capable of providing Adobe Commerce PunchOut catalog integration for over one hundred eProcurement and spend management platforms.

Seamless B2B Automation

Buyers demand PunchOut integration to avoid the complex, expensive, error-prone, and unaccountable process of manually integrating retail and eProcurement data. With PunchOut2Go, you can integrate your Adobe Commerce store with any customer back-end.

PunchOut2Go’s team of B2B automation experts provide support to both the buyer and the seller to facilitate a smooth integration with any eProcurement or ERP application.

To learn more about PunchOut and B2B automation for Adobe Commerce and any of the dozens of eCommerce and eProcurement integrations supported by PunchOut2Go, contact us via live chat or complete the form below.

The PunchOut Catalog and Order to Invoice processes with eProcurement systems


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