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PunchOut2Go eQuote Integrations

eQuotes from PunchOut2Go empowers B2B sellers to offer seamless eQuote integration with buyer eProcurement, spend management, and enterprise resource planning platforms.

PunchOut2Go eQuotes enable B2B sellers to offer integrated electronic quotes to buyers using any eProcurement spend management or enterprise resource planning application.

With eQuotes from PunchOut2Go, B2B sellers create electronic quotes for any combination of products and services. eQuotes, also referred to as draft cart, are made available for end users to access via PunchOut and to be transferred to the end user’s eProcurement system automatically via cXML, OCI or any method supported.

PunchOut2Go eQuotes are a flexible electronic quoting solution available as:

  • A standalone service with a dedicated web interface through which buyers access quotes.
  • An integration service that automatically communicates quotes to the buyer’s eProcurement platform via the PunchOut2Go Gateway.
  • As a service that works alongside PunchOut catalogs to provide a comprehensive requisition order, quote, and purchase order automation workflow.

From the B2B buyer’s perspective, the quote process is straightforward and involves no manual entry. When the seller creates a quote, the buyer receives a notification email with instructions and relevant quote number to retrieve upon PunchOut.

The buyer then visits the seller’s quote retrieval engine powered by PunchOut2Go to view the quote. From here, they can transfer the quote automatically to their eProcurement platform such as Ariba, Coupa, Jaggaer, SAP SRM, and Oracle iProcurement to continue the approval process. Once approved, a purchase order can be automatically created and dispatched to the  seller’s ERP, OMS, commerce infrastructure via PunchOut2Go’s B2B order automation. Additional  automation options exist for ASN, ACK and eInvoicing.

What is eQuoting?

eQuoting empowers B2B suppliers to create and communicate quotes for goods and services over the web. Buyers value speed and transparency, especially for pricing, but the complexities of B2B pricing can introduce delays in the procurement process.

With eQuotes, PunchOut2Go users generate quotes for orders made via their ecommerce store and for RFQs submitted via other channels. Buyers access quotes in an intuitive interface and then transfer the quote data to their eProcurement platform to continue the procurement process.

PunchOut2Go allows B2B sellers who want to offer eQuotes to their buyers to implement electronic quoting with minimal lead time and no custom development. Quotes are presented in an easily accessed web interface and the PunchOut2Go Gateway handles seamless two-way data integration between the buyer and seller platform.

How Does eQuotes with PunchOut2Go Work?

The PunchOut2Go Gateway is a managed cloud integration layer that sits between your ecommerce store and your buyers’ eProcurement platforms. It translates data formats and protocols so that any ecommerce application can communicate with any eProcurement platform. The PunchOut2Go Gateway allows B2B sellers to offer services such as punchout catalogs, purchase order automation, and eInvoicing

PunchOut2Go eQuoting integration service makes it easy to provide electronic quoting via a punchout catalog mechanism. eQuotes from PunchOut2Go require no custom integration work because the PunchOut2Go Gateway supports hundreds of eProcurement platforms.

Contact us today to learn how your B2B business can offer seamless eQuoting to buyers on any eProcurement and spend management platform.

PunchOut2Go eQuote Options (Features):

  • Option 1: eQuotes Only - Interface for user to pick up eQuote, Request a quote
  • Option 2: eQuotes + PunchOut Catalog - The User will be presented with an interface to make one of two choices: Pickup Quote, Request a Quote or PunchOut to the Sellers eCommerce store
  • Option 3: eQuotes + PunchOut Catalog (if applicable) + Purchase Order: Same as Option 2 with the ability to receive a purchase order via the PunchOut2Go portal or end to end, system to system, closing the loop on the quote.
  • Option 4: eQuotes + PunchOut Catalog (if applicable) + Purchase Order + eInvoicing: Same as Option 3 with the ability to send an invoice via the PunchOut2Go portal or end to end from your ERP, closing the loop on the eQuote + Purchase Order.

Methods to setup quotes: 

  • Manual Entry - Simply enter your quote line items
  • Flat File Manual upload - Simply import your quotes using PunchOut2Go Pre-Defined Flat File
  • Flat File import Automation Options- via sFTP, AS2, API, email
  • Custom Mapping to your flat file spec rather than adhering to PunchOut2Go predefined layout

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